What’s in the stars for you…?

After a turbulent and difficult 2016 be sure to embrace the luck, travel and romance. Here are the rankings of the signs from the luckiest to unluckiest this 2017. Enjoy!


The Gemini horoscope 2017 predicts that romance will be on your mind during all this year. So expect to see a boost in all kinds of relationships!
✖️Love. This will be an especially good time for love! If you are not currently in a romantic relationship, you are likely to have a new exciting and passionate one. Jupiter, the Planet of Good Luck and Fortune, is in your sector of romance and remains in your 5th house until October 2017, so enjoy all the loving bliss that comes your way! 2017 will be an interesting year for relationships with friends as well. Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is in your friend sector. Brace yourself, because Uranus’s influence in the sphere of friendships is likely to shake up your interactions!
✖️Career.In this field, the moving of Jupiter in Pisces, signals the beginning of a lucky phase! You will be financially stable and careful. ​June and July can be a good time for focusing on your finances and with Mars in your money sector all the financial decisions will be taken after a lot of thought. This can reduce the stress level of your mind and will give you more mental energy to focus on your priorities. If you are a Gemini looking for a job or a change of career, then this is also a golden time for this changes too. Try every new thing that seems good to you, and don’t fear to rise your voice because you will have brilliant ideas!
✖️Health.The Gemini 2017 predictions suggest that your physical health will be at its peak in 2017 and your body will be like a tuned machine. But good health doesn’t last forever, so cherish it while it lasts. You should take your health and physical fitness much more seriously when transiting Jupiter enters your solar sixth house, on October 10th, 2017.



The Libra horoscope 2017 shows that you enter in a limitless and energic period. For the first ten months of 2017, big-hearted Jupiter will be in your sign. You can do a lot of wonderful things during this time….!
✖️Love.In love sector 2017 will be the year of new beginnings. If you are single you will find yourself in an intimate relationship in the beginning of the year. Consider going in a trip with your partner. You will have a lot of fun and will feel like you know each other for years. If you are already in a relationship , try to keep the balance in your romance. Give your partner some space and keep the things exciting! In general, it will be a wonderful year with a lot of romance!
✖️Career.2017 will be the year of learning new things. If you are working, get ready to learn some new skills for your job. If you are in school , than you are bound to be extra productive and quickly. Use this gift to work hard because in the beginning of the year you may face some issues with your seniors! But don’t worry, after September, the situation will be in your favour!
✖️Health.The Libra 2017 horoscope for health warn that Neptune in your 6th house may bring some strange illnesses, like allergies. The only way to work successful with this planet is through prayers, meditation, yoga. Expect this, in general your health will remain good and strong during all the year.

Career ***
Health ***


Sagittarius, get ready for a fated year! ​Jupiter remains in your hopes, dreams, and friends sector until mid-October, and you can continue to meet new people, join new groups, make new friends, and have more connection. This are the things you enjoy the most,so you will be grateful to 2017!
✖️Love.You should expect the unexpected when it comes to love. Promises may be changed or broken, so don’t set your heart too quickly on somebody because people may not always be who they seem. Uranus is in your solar 5th house of creativity, love and romance and you will feel very romantic most of the time. With strong mental energy will come even stronger emotions!
✖️Career.The career horoscope 2017 for Sagittarius shows that transiting Saturn has been in your sun sign since 2015 and it will be here till mid-December,2017. So, with the Planet of Discipline, into your zodiac sign, you will work hard, and you will be more focused on getting things done, and done correctly. If you are not satisfied with what you’re doing at the moment, 2017 is a great opportunity to look for a new job! Use your connections and friends to find the appropriate opportunities for you!
✖️Health.Your health will be generally good but you probably will face some mental problems some periods of the year. Getting stressed about everything will only hurt, not help. If you need a vacation, don’t be afraid to take one. Don’t push your mind or body too far. Know your limits!

Love ***
Career ***
Health **

4. LEO

In general, this year will be a bit slow but take advantage of it , and use your time wisely. Trust your instincts and you will always find what’s the best for you. Because you live for it!
✖Love.Even in your relationships things will be going slowly, but the presence of your love planet in the house of love will bring a lot of transformations in your love life. You will meet a lot a new people, and see things more seriously during this time. This is because Saturn has not been in your 5th house for 28 year (and for many of you this will be his first visit) So many Leos may find themselves making the decision to become parents for the first time, as your 5th house is the house of children. Enjoy your confidence and let the world know how beautiful you are!
✖️Career. The Leo horoscope 2017 for career shows that Jupiter is in your 3rd sector of your chart until October 10th. This house is all about communication and the way you market yourself. During this time new opportunities are likely to come up at work and you are going to have a lot of professional progress too. Finances will be stable during all the year, so if you want to invest in something, do it now!
✖️Health. Your energy levels will rise and fall during this year as well.Exercise more and when you don’t have energy to do things, don’t push yourself. Take time to relax, to travel and take care of yourself more!

Career ***
Love **


Dear Aquarius, Jupiter is in your travel sector till October 2017, so travel is on your mind this year. In general 2017 seems to be a very promising year for you! After the career efforts of last years, this time you’ll have the opportunity for a more balanced life.
✖️Love. If you are in a romantic relationship or just a friendly relationship, your feelings for your friend or partner are about to get deeper and more emotional. Your family will be very important, and planning for a baby will be also on your mind during this period. If you are single, you can put more time and energy into being sociable, who knows Mars in your love sector April through May may bring you luck. Good luck!
✖️Career. From October 10th, Jupiter, the Planet of Good Luck and Fortune, will be in your sector of career( don’t be surprised if suddenly your boss starts to notice how efficient and deserving you are)! 2017 will give you the right opportunities to showcase your talent. Be prepared to accept new challenges and don’t be afraid to work hard. In the past years, it is likely that some of you neglected some important duties so this year you need to bunker down and get some work done, if you want to have enough money for the wonderful things that 2018 reserves for you.
✖️Health.While Aquarians are usually full of energy, this is not the case for the Aquarius in 2017. This is a year of relaxation!. Keep eating healthy foods to stay in shape. Eating foods that are bad for you will only make you gain weight and feel more poorly about yourself in the future.

Career ***
Love **


The Scorpio horoscope 2017 shows that your best cycle for 12 years begins! You will have your ups and downs but try to stay as positive as possible. If you think positive, you attract positive!
✖️Love.If you are single this could be your year to find true love! However if you are looking for a new romance, you need to step out of your comfort zone and be more outgoing. If you are already in a relationship, try to be more open with your partner, discuss everything and make sure he/she understands your needs. You have Neptune in your love sector which is the planet of illusion and idealism. It will bring some language problems this year to you but in general this will be a very pleasant time to express your feelings!
✖️Career. This year you will love to work harder then in previous years, and not without a reward! The 2017 Scorpio predict that since you are likely to be working more you are also likely to make more money than before. In October when Jupiter The Planet of Good Luck and Fortune, moves in your sign, you can take some risks too. It will be your most powerful period of the year, so get ready to be very successful!
✖️Health for the Scorpios in 2017 will remain good in general. There might be some problems related to stomach and knee. Be careful about sudden injuries and also avoid mental stress. Keep an eye on health particularly from January till August.
Career ***
Health **


According to the Cancer horoscope for 2017, it looks like more love, romance, pleasure trips, but also more stress too. So Cancer, get prepared for a year full of diversity.
✖️Love.If you don’t already have a partner, I got good news for you. This year you are destined to find one! The Cancer man or woman in 2017 will tend to be more social than always making new friends and going new places.
This year you will be part of lots of changes. Transiting Pluto opposing your sun sign has given you a chance to pay back, wear the other shoe, face obstacles that others in your life have faced. So this is the time to pay for your actions!!! On the other hand Jupiter in your 4th house rules foreigners and long distance travel. If emigration has been on your mind, this is the year you may see yourself suddenly applying to emigrate. On the other hand many of you will upgrade their homes or living arrangements during this time, either through moving to a bigger or a better property!
✖️Career.This year it may seem like your work and business is your whole life. Things are going to move at a faster rhythm than usual, at least at the beginning of the year so use this new energy to work on your current projects. Mostly you will do well in terms of hard work but you also might find some very difficult situations after the 6th April 2017. Try to stay as positive as possible, because this year you will have a lot!!!!
✖️Health. While your mind is healthy you should do your best to make your body healthy as well. Eat healthy, and avoid fast food if you don’t want to gain more weight than in 2016.

Career **
Health **
Love **


Dear Aries this year you will be in control of your emotions and more logic when it comes to making decisions. For this reason the main areas which will shine throughout the year are going to be partnerships and your long term career. Focus your all energy here, in order to see the benefits at the end!
✖️Love.This year you are also likely to be more emotional than normal, which will make it easier for you to express yourself to your partner. If you are not in a relationship currently, the 2017 love horoscope predicts that this is your best opportunity for 12 years to find that special someone. Go to new places or try new things! Springtime may be the most pleasant and easiest time to find your twin. Arians already in a relationship will take things more seriously and maybe will finally be ready for marriage!
✖️Career.In 2017 your life is bound to have many changes, and one of these changes might just be your career. Aries, if you don’t like your job now, then 2017 might be the time to seek for your dream work. But before making any major changes you should make sure that your finances are in order. Get rid of some of the things that you don’t need and save more money in the future!
✖️Health.Be careful with your health, working too much or not getting enough sleep can break down the immune system and can create a lot of physical and mental problems. Take some rest and feed your brain with some healthy thoughts!

Love **
Career **
Health *


Dear Pisces this year you will stars a long period of travel and exploration. Jupiter, the Planet of Good Luck and Fortune, moves into your sector of long-distance travel during October. Be ready to see a lot of new places and to meet lots of new people. In a nutshell, Pisces 2017 horoscope has a lot of good news for you.
✖️Love.Jupiter will be in your privacy(sex) house till October 2017. If you’re single, you won’t be for long! Someone special is about to come in your life . You may attract somebody who in adventurous, and out-going especially June/mid-July period because Mars will be in your love sector. If you’re in a relationship this will be a good year too. Possibly after working through some trust issues, you are moving into #relationshipgoals in 2017! But take care, Mercury retrogrades in this sector the second half of August, and you can see the old relationship issues.
✖️Career. In your careen 2017 predicts profitable opportunities. In the beginning of the year, you would spend a lot of money and this could be a reason of financial troubles. But you will be wise enough to understand what is good and what is not required. Period between February to May could be quite tough and you will need to work hard to get your work done and recognized. You may not see results of your efforts immediately but at the end of the year you will feel very proud of yourself.
✖️Health. There is a possibility that you may suffer from any secret disease during this year. Period mid-September end-December, you will feel tired and low on energy. Take some rest of your mind and your body will follow!

Health *
Love **


The 2017 Virgo horoscope shows that Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, moves into your sector of communication during the half of the year. This is the time you will receive good news from everybody near you, and your social status may rise as well.
✖️Love. Transiting Pluto, the Planet of Power and Regeneration, is in your sector of libido. There will be a lot of sexual power! Neptune is in your relationships sector becoming you more mysterious, more psychic, and more spiritual. A lot of people will be attracted by your mysterious way of speaking, and maybe one of them will be your next love. But it won’t be something important!
✖️Career. From Jan to March, due to impact of planets, you will note increase in work and in business deals. From September to December, the impact of Jupiter on the house of profession will bring radical changes . You will be more confident, energetic and you’ll get the desired results. But, keep in mind that life neither stops nor starts behind your office door, every day lasts 24 hours which should be filled by whatever makes you happy!
✖️Health.Your health will be generally good throughout this year. Some of you will begin to put on weight and that is quite normal and should not be the cause to worry. Your energy levels will still rise and fall as in the past two years but you are learning well how to cope with it. Just remain happy and cheerful and you will be healthy too!
Love **
Career **
Health **


Dear Capricorn, 2017 is the year when you would see many fluctuations in your health, income and other aspects of life. Your main Lord, Saturn, would test you and if you perform well, it might bless you with many good things in life! Try to avoid feelings of anger, frustration and the desire to ‘pay back’ someone. With Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, in your sign, the 2017 will be a great opportunity for you to learn and grow. (you may be very surprised when you learn that certain people in your life are not really who you thought they were). In general, this year may seem like it is going slowly, but this will make it easier for you to keep up with everything going on around you.
Love. In October, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, moves into your sector of friends. If you are already in a relationship, it will continue to be rather steady during this year. Make sure to accept your faults and the faults of your partner too. 2017 is bringing to you some seriousness! You need to improve your connection with your partner, as there are chances of separation! If you are not already in a relationship, then you can also work on getting one. This means working on yourself more. Love, sex and pregnancy will not be the priority for you this year!
Career. On the other hand, 2017 promises to be a wonderful and successful period in your career. This year working may seem to be the center of your life. You will work harder at your job, and will be more focused on your finances too. Jupiter remains in your career sector until mid-October, so you can quietly continue to work on pursuing your goals. Mars is in your career sector mid-October through early December, and you will feel more ambitious, driven, and focused on your goals!
Health. In 2017 Capricorns at times will feel full of energy. At other times, drained. It doesn’t have huge ups and downs, but there are enough little ones to make it noticeable. There is nothing wrong in taking some good rest this year, you will grateful later.

Love *


2017 for Taurus will be a very dynamic year with more energy than usual.You will be not used to this strange feeling and you will not know what to do with. Trust your intuition and things will get better!
✖️Love will dominate much of your time in 2017. You will face some ups and downs in this area , but if you are really looking for it this is going to be your lucky year! You may find someone very important if you are single. But things are going to get even more serious if you’re already in a relationship. This year you may find yourself more true and loyal partner to your loved one, and will get many comforts in return!
✖️Career 2017 shows that this will not be an easy year at all. Your work life might become a little complicated, and you may be tired most of the time. Sometimes you might feel like you are right and everyone else around you is wrong. Listen more and think before you speak, if you act like everything is okay, everything will be okay. Believe in yourself more!
✖️Health. This year starts out with Jupiter (the planet of philosophy) in your sector of health and fitness till Octobre 2017, so you will feel full of positive energy wich will give results in your physical helath too. This is the perfect time to work on your body, so use this in your favor.

Health **

Already sick of 2017? The starts aren’t in your favour? You feel disappointed and don’t know what to do? Before you start hating me I want to share with you something. Every planet’s moving in your signs and houses has a different meaning in your life. But if you want luck , you need to work for it! You will never be lucky if you just sit down and wait for Jupiter to do all the work. And the opposite, you will never be unlucky if you really want to improve your life. Everything that will happen in 2017 is in your hand, not in my blog. Make it unforgettable !!

Kisses. . .

Written by Xhesika Caushaj
Hi. Im Xhessika Caushaj (Jessica). I was born in the beginning of June, and as a mercurial creature since I was little I had posters of the constellations above my bed. I was fscinated about everything that was in the sky! Where others used to see just some sparkling little dots Ive seen life, power, energy... The day I felt in love with Astrology my life changed. I found all my answers and I cant wait to share them with you💋 #InDefenseOfTheStars