What is style for a man?

“Style is something you need! Something that makes you remember, something you won’t forget. “

Style in general is a collection of multiple factors, not just the way you dress, but the unique way you act, to speak,  think, walk or how you scroll your sleeves and raise the glasses. Style belongs to you and belongs only to you.

Style is a sincere reflection of your personality. If style does not reflect your personality, is a fake artifact, that will  get out and be exposed soon.

…And even how you dress is an integral part of your style.

 The problem for many men is that they have a kind of rejection of “dress well” for beliefs and preconceptions atavistic , of the type that the cure clothing is stuff from females or simple vanity and is not macho.


You can’t expect to have style if you aren’t even able to look in the mirror before leaving the house.

Dressing in style doesn’t mean to be in a suit and tie, but it means putting together garments that are worn, with harmony and personality. Style is harmony!
It is a quest, a practice, a study and creativity that good I mean, because you can wear some colored stockings and Marc, but if you look you can do it the right way you could add a lot of style to an outfit.

One day must think:

How to wear this jacket in a different way?

And give vent to your creativity. Perhaps you will succeed well, maybe not, but it is only with practice you manage to get it right.

But if you do not practice, stay still at stake, and you’ll always be a man like any other.

Style is not only a natural gift. You must understand that even those who are considered “Natural Talents” were behind at least 10,000 hours of deliberate practice.

It thus applies to the style. It takes not 21 days, but the more you train the more you will grow and more style. If your parents are people who have style, you as a child you will have breathed style and I can assure you that you will already have a decade-style, of course I mean compared to their peers.

If you train and if you learn to put together 4 garments with style and personality, you can brag, at least, to contribute to the improvement of the scenic landscape, because what you see around today, on the subway, on buses, in offices, in bars is really an outrage to beautiful things that nature has endeavored to offer us for thousands of years.

There are men who hate the jacket and tie “because they want to dress comfortable and be themselves” and go around (or worse, in the office) dressed as if they had slept in the clothes they wear, or had taken them directly from the garbage (the same in whom they have thrown their dignity).

Men who say that the clothes are old conformists so are caught exact copy produced in series of a jacket lumberjack of the nineteenth century in the hope of feeling different and authentic.
Men who follow fashion and cool feel, without understanding that the trends are for the masses while the style is elite. Following fashion is easy,  fashion is for those who have nothing to express themselves, because it is the fashion that tells you what to wear and when to wear it, making you become part of a tribe ‘of clones.

The style is what elevates you, what makes you different unique and special, because there is something of your own, there is your head, your thoughts, and this process is much more tiring than wearing what they all wear in exactly the same way, as a copy and paste.
For this, style is special, because it is your brand of trademark.

Written by Hair Zeqiri
A lover, a gentleman, a dreamer, a sensitive man, a lonely fellow, always hopefully for romance and adventure. I am ZET! Henry Z. Style has no rule, just personality!