Watching the world behind a piece of glass

The beautiful island of  Murano.  It is a very interesting place located in northern Italy.

As soon as you come closer to this island, the really first things you notice are the lovely small colorful houses and the beach going through the city like a river. And of course the characteristic boats.

In 1291, all the glassmakers in Venice were forced to move to Murano due to the risk of fires. In the following century, exports began, and the island became famous, initially for glass and mirrors . Aventurine glass was invented on the island, and for a while Murano was the main producer of glass in Europe. The island later became known for chandeliers. Although decline set in during the eighteenth century, glassmaking is still the island’s main industry.

In the fifteenth century, the island became popular as a resort for Venetians, and palaces were built, but this later declined. The countryside of the island was known for its orchards and vegetable gardens until the nineteenth century, when more housing was built.

What got our attention was the history of glassmaking.

Murano’s reputation as a center for glassmaking was born when the Venetian Republic, fearing fire and the destruction of the city’s mostly wooden buildings, ordered glassmakers to move their foundries to Murano in 1291. Murano glass is still associated with Venetian glass.

Murano’s glassmakers were soon numbered among the island’s most prominent citizens. By the fourteenth century, glassmakers were allowed to wear swords, enjoyed immunity from prosecution by the Venetian state and found their daughters married into Venice’s most affluent families. While benefiting from certain statutory privileges, glassmakers were forbidden to leave the Republic. However, many of them took the risks associated with migration and established glass furnaces in surrounding cities and farther afield — sometimes in England and the Netherlands.

Something that we loved we the glass chandeliers. These pretty and joyful glass chandeliers, instantly brings a new dimension of fun and fashion to the idea of chandelier. Today they are widely appreciated as one of the most beautiful and decorative types of chandelier.

It is an art which should be really appreciated from everyone not only the people of this place. Because it is a really hard work, with lots of  creativity and commitment from the nice people of  Murano.

We were there a very long time ago and we didn’t took enough photos of this lovely place, so in addition we are using photographs from the internet.

Until next time

Lots of  love

Rea & Matias

Written by Matias Ndini
Albanian professional Photographer. The camera might capture a moment, but until it has captured a soul there is no photography.