While there still are Jelena fans full of hope, Selena Gomez seems to be miles away on the other side of the road with a Starboy. We do not blame you Selena; we want to hang with the Stars and the Moon too.

Sadly Selena’s mom, Mandy Teefy, is not on the same track with us.

She thinks the Starboy is nothing but a Wackboy… and so does Justin Bieber. OF COURSE he had to make a comment on his ex’s new lover and we could not miss that! The weeknd is known for his bad reputation with hard drugs. Could he be a temptation for Selena to get back into the wild party life?

Mandy “tried to stage a ‘come to Jesus’ talk,” a relative confessed, adding, “But Selena wasn’t having it!”

Selena’s hopeless mom has also tried to lay down the law over her relationship with the wackboy. She recently told to Selena:

‘’Ditch the drink, drugs and dating, or you will have hell to pay!’’

Regardless her history with drugs in the past, the hopeless romantic, Selena cannot be stopped. She has been admitted into rehab twice after dabbling in drug and alcohol abuse. But she insists she’s only ever suffered from exhaustion and complications from her lupus.

“Selena’s next spiral is going to be less concealed, and even harder to recover from. She’ll get into harder drugs,” – Selena’s Friends

After hooking up with The Weeknd, Selena has also secretly fired a life coach to help her fight depression. No matter how far she goes Selena crawls back to troubles, it’s unavoidable.
If rehab and Mandy could not make Selena reflect then who can? Are Selena and The Weeknd in love or just high and drunk?

Written by Anja Natalie Çami
I am a little rebel who falls in love with nothing but mystery and philosophy. Oh! Also poetry. As a knowledge lover, I am always wandering for something new. Did I mention I enjoy writing? Have a look at my little masterpieces :p