Top 10 Valentine’s Day destinations in the world

It is Saturday, time for the travel article to take life. But this time we will not talk for our traveling time.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming, here are top 10 most romantic destinations for all the lovers around the world.

  1. Paris,France

Ahh Paris, ville de l’amour! The French never fail to achieve romance. For sure taking a trip to Paris, the City of  Light, will be the most romantic idea, and to surprise your love with a romantic dinner with the wonderful view of  Eiffel Tower. Everyone has heard about the Pont des Arts, which crosses the river Seine. The bridge where you can lock your love and be with your special one forever. One of the reasons to visit Paris.


  1. Grasse, Provence

France again… Known as the perfume capital of the world. Because of  its flower variety, lavender ,roses and jasmine bloom. This colorful hilltop town is a romantic pick on Valentine’s Day. Those lavender fields are astonishing!

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Also known as the sin city, looks like is one of the top places to go on Valentine’s Day. Anything can happen there… from getting married from an Elvis priest to being  proposed on a poker table.

  1. Venice,Italy

Wouldn’t  it be romantic to sail on a river and being kissed by your love?  This romantic city seduces with tangled lanes that lead to the Byzantine basilica rising above St Mark’s Square . Legend says “ Embracing under the Bridge of  Sights at sunset reveals eternal love”.

  1. Gstaad, Switzerland

There is no better place to escape and search for a wonderful sightseeing than Gstaad in Switzerland.  Those beautiful mountains full of snow, and the warm wooden hotels giving the perfect combination.

  1. Rome, Italy

Discover why the Romans adored Bath’s thermal waters with a rooftop soak and an aromatherapy massage for two in Thermae Bath Spa. Rome is wonderful.

  1. Santorini, Greece

Not only on Valentine’s Day but this island is perfect for every time you want to escape and enjoy the view and the sea. It is very known for all the people that choose Santorini for weeding photos and also proposals. The weeding destination.

  1. Sorrento, Italy

This Mediterranean area offers beautiful places, hotels and sightseeing to enjoy together with your love.

  1. London, England

London is for lovers. Impress your love with a romantic dinner and a panoramic view.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where else than in Buenos Aires? This passionate place offers you to dance the tango. There is nothing like dancing together with your love on a romantic night!


Written by Rea Cikali
From Albania, I am a travel reporter who loves to explore new places, take pictures and to capture the moment. And it's a beautiful thing that my boyfriend is also my photographer...Free food and free photos. I'm blessed🐻