The DIY face mask that changed my life

When we talk about face masks , the internet is filled with them. And I’m a DIY freak so believe me when I say I’ve tried so many. But not everything has worked for me . It all changed this one day. So I was fixing my eyebrows with no make up on, and I noticed something rather horrible. My face pores were large. Probably because I hadn’t paid much attention to my poor face that week. So as per usual I freaked out a bit and then BOOM it hit me: DIY face mask.

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So recently I have found this kick ass DIY face care youtuber from Albania( Elda’s Skin Therapy, & she’s my go-to, for every face treatment. So I went on her youtube channel and searched through for any kind of pore mask. And there it was.
So what you need for this mask is the yolk (yellow part) of an egg and ½ of a squeezed orange. Mix them together and use a face brush to apply the mask. Leave the mask on for about 20-30 minutes , until you feel like you can’t move your face. Then rinse off the mask with warm water and if it smells a bit egg-ish just use your daily face wash. And voila, your pores will thank you.

Written by Sirja Strazimiri
Born in 97 but I feel like I’m really vintage all the time, probably because vintage is my kink. I love writing and speaking up but also I love fashion. From fashion editorials, daily outfits to DIY, I literally am excited to talk on this blog about almost everything. Future world traveler, currently being a professional sleeper ,a wanna-be-writer& a marketing student. And I also have a thing for TV shows and Kendall Jenner.