String by string!

Albania is a lovely place with great traditions. Just like in every culture, Albanians are well-known for their handmade tradition.

Personally I love handmade things, especially if they are made from my grandmother, because I know they are made with love and care from her.  From sweaters to hood, from gloves to scarf, are the handmade clothes to wear in winter time.

When tourists visit Albania, and when they learn about our culture, they want to bring a piece of our country back to their home.

We also have wool socks called ‘Papuce’. Made with different colors and figures.

Wool socks

Why are these handmade clothes so interesting? What makes them so special?

First of all it takes a lot of time to make them, but you should also have the nerve to do it. Because it is very difficult to create, but also you should be a professional to do it.

Our Albanian grandmothers are specialized on creating these lovely clothes for us. They are beautiful and unique. Keeping you warm in these cold days.

Sweaters can be made with different colors. In these photos my model preferred a color between  aquamarine and mint, combined with the white also knitted scarf, becoming one with the colors of the beach.

Being warm and also fashionable.

Photography: Matias Bogdani Ndini



Written by Matias Ndini
Albanian professional Photographer. The camera might capture a moment, but until it has captured a soul there is no photography.