Skipping Breakfast?

We all have heard at least once in our life, parents saying that we mustn’t skip breakfast. Even though we know they are right we still keep ignoring their advice and skip the most important meal of the day. Maybe reasons for this can be getting bored eating the same thing everyday or not having time to cook the things you would like to eat? Here you will find 4 different ways to cook one common ingredient, the egg.

It’s impossible to not have tried different cereals, toasts and everything just to make breakfast a habit for you, but maybe you have missed these ways of cooking an egg and combining it with different ingredients like sausage, cheese, curd, tomatoes, peppers etc. It’s for sure that you will want to taste them just by looking at the pictures below.

Here it is a simple, fried egg above a toasted bread. Eating this one with cheese and milk will make it the right choice for your breakfast.

In this one, is a fried egg, but with sausages. Adding tomato and cucumber in this one, will complete its taste.

This one, is in the form of a salty crepe with peppers and sausages inside.

In the last one, is fried egg with tiny copped peppers and tomatoes.

All of these combinations of egg have a special taste, even though the main ingredient is the same. So, i believe even the ones that don’t like eating egg, will find one of the above mentioned plates delicious in order to get he needed proteins in breakfast meal.
Enjoy them.



Written by Cansel H. Saygin
A 19 years old photography and fashion lover, born in Turkey and living in Tirana, meanwhile studying Banking and Finance. Also, you can share some love on my lifestyle blog (, where I post every Sunday. Hope you enjoy the positive vibes that we share here!