After Shave As Foundation Primer???

Hello beauties!! Today I have a product review for you…

One of my favorite youtubers , Nikkie de Jager, has discovered the second use of this after shave balm. One day, she was in her boyfriend’s house and had forgotten to bring her daily moisturizer, so she used his shaving balm instead. She said: ‘I realized my make-up looked flawless all day long and thought, is this because of the Post Shave Balm?
Since then all the youtubers were trying it out , and all the reviews were super positive online even by regular women, but I never went to buy it myself. Finally I bought it a month ago and used it every single day. I loved it since day one, but waited a month before writing this review because I wanted to make sure it is great before recommending it to you guys.

The product has a high concentration of glycerine, that’s why it works so well. Glycerine is sticky so the foundation sticks to your face and doesn’t move throughout the day.
I quit primers before because they all doubled the number of blackheads and whiteheads on my face. But with nivea after shave balm I don’t see that effect.
Nivea after shave balm is designed to moisturize and soothe men’s skin after shaving. So you have a moisturizer and a primer all in one for 5$!! Amazing and cheap.

Beauty experts are hailing the product as the ‘world’s best’ makeup primer, with the ability to keep foundation looking flawless all day. They claim it is more effective than products sold specifically as primers. I’m so pissed at myself for not trying it out sooner but I’m glad I found it.
In Tirana, the product is very easy to find in every drugstore or super market.

Written by Arissa Rexho
An engineer's mind mixed with an artist's heart. Originally from Tirana,Albania Right know I am supposed to be in an office, working on projects for some roads and buildings and this kind of shit XP ( because I'm an engineering student) but as long as I'm young and full of hidden talents and passions and great ideas , I choose to be writing on this blog about beauty, art, makeup, DIYs and create as much content as i think of. My experience in Television has given me so much desire to learn more about new ways and tricks on how to care about myself and look better. Your question is: what was I doing on Tv? I will surprise you more, I'm a singer. I've been singing since I was 12 in every competition in my country and now I aspire to have my own content related to music. For more check my YouTube channel!