Real men Do wear GLOVES

Winter has come and with it even the cold. And a real men has to be perfect on his daily outfit no mater the weather or the temperature. With age comes wisdom and yes folks, real men DO wear GLOVES.
They are one of the most overlooked fashion accessories. Wearing gloves gives an outfit an element of sophistication. Gloves can enhance your overall looks and style. A man gives the message of power, sophistication and commonsense when he wears gloves. You can tell a lot by the look of his hands.
But u must have some rules if u gonna use Gloves, first of all choose a good quality, soft leather.If they get soiled take them to a dry cleaner. Do not put them in the washing machine.Match the gloves to your outerwear or go for a bright statement pair, but try to match it with another accessory for a cohesive look.



Written by Jurgen Cellima
Jurgen a hairdresser from Tirana with a love for coffee, fashion and Art in general.I had this kind of obsession to always look good and classy in my own way, trust me i do that very well and makes me feel better everyday I try to. And yeah you might have get it that I'm an Old School type.