Popova Sapka

Now we are in winter time. So it would be more appropriate in this travel edition to write about some lovely skiing place like Popova Šapka, Macedonia.

It is a peak in the Republic of Macedonia. It is over 1,780 metres (5,840 ft) above sea level and is a ski resort in Macedonia.
It was a long road trip from Tirana,Albania but in a good company I lost the sense of time.
Dating from 1947, Popova Shapka is one of the oldest and biggest ski centers in Macedonia, settled on the slopes of the most highest mountains in our country, Shar Mountain. Situated 1800m above sea level, characteristic with numerous sunny days and snow cover suitable for skiing from late November until April.


This place offers a lot of hotels where you can stay and enjoy the place, accomodating you with all the things you need.
Despite the accomodation, the view from the window is astonishing.
Arriving there we could see the snow all around the place, it was such a lovely view and it was a bit cold.
This ski resort it is considered one of the best places in the Eastern Europe.
Indeed it is a wise choice, affordable, variegated, and with a wonderful sightseeing.
All that white snow spreaded all over the mountain, gave us the feeling of winter benefits, the skiing, the hot chocolate, the warmth with the blankets and the cosy nights with the whitish view.

What makes this resort very attractive are the enormous possibilities for free ride skiing and snowboarding through untouched landscapes and wilderness on the both sides of the mountain.
Me and Matias had a lot of fun skiing,dor him it wasn’t the first time but for me it was and I had difficulties but than I got used to it and I enjoyed it pretty much. One day we got slight , went on top of the mountain and slided down falling and and enjoying the ride.
We built a snow woman (since snowman is mainstream) and she was pretty nice,we created a masterpiece.
We couldn’t stay without doing the snow angel.
Playing with snow was beautiful, we had a lot of fun.

snow woman



This for sure is the place to be, especially for ski lovers.
Until next time
Lots of love


Written by Rea Cikali
From Albania, I am a travel reporter who loves to explore new places, take pictures and to capture the moment. And it's a beautiful thing that my boyfriend is also my photographer...Free food and free photos. I'm blessed🐻