Patterns and Fashion: A guide to be always in style

The recent developments in worldwide fashion are leaning toward patterns. Colorful, black and white, with motives and sometimes byzantine and pre-historic ones. The last fashion week designer trend was patterns. For all the ones who don’t know the origins of patterns in sewing and fashion design, a pattern is the template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and assembled.
When seasonal fashion weeks come to end, we start diving into the most stylish solutions of the leading fashion designers just to breathe freely again that there will not be any lack of come-hither looks. The upcoming fall/winter seasons have much to offer starting from enlivening colors and creative cutouts to eclectic prints that have appeared show after show.

RULE NO.1 Stripes are never out of fashion.

The existence of stripes in fashion is just indisputable whether it is warm or cold seasons and they appear not only on garments, but also on handbags, shoes and other accessories. The fall 2016 collections yet again do not fail in bringing stripes of all different styles; vertical or horizontal, diagonal or broken, broad or classic pinstripes thus forming one of the grandest fall 2016 print trends in fashion.
I personally love stripes and I use them in my daily life as fashion escape when I am not relaxed enough to make my clothes combinations. Stripes go almost well with everything boy or girl. Beware though: the shoes choice makes the decision on which color of your stripe is wining all over you. The winter trend is just starting and the Stripe pattern is winning.

Trick no.1: An easy rule of thumb: Graphic prints always play well together. Use the Law of Attraction. Stripes go well with squares and you can play with shapes to get that fashion blogger look you always wanted

Rule No.2: Polka dots baby and you will never worry.

If you know every trick in the book about female allure and come-hither looks, then you are surely up on the fact that the polka dots flatter any look in a New York minute whether they are tiny or gargantuan, spread all over sparsely or densely. We see the leading fashion designers afresh falling for polka dots during the fall/winter 2016 fashion shows and infecting us with this addiction once more.
At Marc Jacobs polka dots take the shapes of many buttons, both realistic and printed, decorating a couple of black silk pieces. My favorite actually is Marc Jacobs with the fashion fall winter runaway 2016/2017.
Trick no.2: Stick to Similar Tones
When your prints don’t match, your color story should. In other words, pair pastels with other pastels.

Rule no.3: Floral prints patterns

Floral prints mixed with other botanical motifs are to be deemed as the most common print type year in year out. This year is no different with oceans of flowers embracing nigh every fall 2016 collection. With Dolce & Gabbana, realistic floral fields are common to observe this time around also jibing with a fairy tale theme. Floral patterns will go very well if you are a free spirit nature driven person.


Rule no.4 Animal Skin Patterns

If there is one print type reading luxury and hedonism from soup to nuts, it is definitely animal skin prints running the gamut at the fall/winter 2016 runway shows. Leopards, tigers, zebras and reptiles have lent their extravagant skins to many a fashion designer or at least the pattern ideas to non-animal-policy-followers and today we have another awe-inspiring print trend that is genuinely accordant with cold and windy days.
I don’t want to add any other words to the animal patterns. Savage.


Besides the fashion trends of this winter we would strongly suggest to mix the patterns, experiment as much as you can but never overdo. When you are in doubt check our site and follow for more tips.

Written by Bruno Ferra
Bruno. Art-lover critic journalist, fashion victim, financial researcher and perfection addicted. Actually working as a market analyst at Union Bank, always wearing a couture standard for clothes. My passions include reading, watching movies, travelling around the world, photography, make-up artistry and going in theater or opera. Favorite music is jazz, blues and classical rock. Animal lover and proudly owned by a bipolar black cat named Miko.