Old fashion brought back in life in movies: Movie review session

Movie: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

After watching this movie I thought a lot about the fascinating costumes and the amazing acting of Eva Green. The movie itself was an impeccable taste of Tim Burton on creating a universe of peculiar children’s that has superpowers and some wonderful creatures that can create restore points in time to make themselves immortal and protect the peculiars from evil.
The latest adventure from Tim Burton would seem tailor-made for his tastes but it’s a convoluted slog, dense in mythology and explanatory dialogue full in thrills. Their leader is the stylish and formidable Miss Alma Leafy Peregrine, played by Eva Green, who nearly saves the day simply by showing up with that vampy, riveting screen presence of hers. With a shocking swoop of midnight-blue hair and an array of gorgeous gowns from frequent Burton costume designer Colleen Atwood, she has the ability to manipulate time.

I mean look at the details of Eva costumes. Can we bring this back please? Yes we can!

Movie: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Oh my god! All the Harry Potter fans unite under this movie. We have been waiting for this so long, and now it came for us. With an amazing Oscar wining cast, directed and followed by our beloved author J.K.Rowling I am fully pleased. Perhaps a fable embellished with fantasy trappings that’s spun off from the Harry Potter universe. One that touches upon such issues as the inherent danger of outing a magical community to an intolerant public while No-Majs, the Americanized term for Muggles, are equally distrusted by wizards and witches. Some young people are forced to suppress their very natures by those who inflict physical and psychological harm upon them. Not to mention that a strange deadly force has been somehow unleashed, leaving mass destruction and fear in its wake.

And now let’s talk about the costumes. Bringing some old fashion on I am thrilled by the costumography that it is used in this movie.

Can we bring this fashion back in trend? Of course !

Movie: Jackie

The great movie that is “Jackie” keeps fighting to free itself from the clammy clutches of the could-have-been-better, knows-what-best-for-us movie. After a while the struggle becomes indistinguishable from the struggle depicted in the movie itself. Jackie was well known for the impeccable fashion taste and in this movie she is being played by Natalie Portman. Costume designer Madeline Fontaine pulls back the curtain on the clothes in Natalie Portman’s buzzy biopic, Jackie. Dressing one of the most iconic fashion figures of the 20th century might seem like a daunting task, but for costume designer Madeline Fontaine—who has created spectacular looks for films like Amélie and Yves Saint Laurent—Jackie was just another exciting challenge.

“We had the reference pictures—thousands of them—and then we had to make them true,” says the Paris-based Fontaine about Pablo Larraín’s buzzy film, about former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (Natalie Portman) navigating the aftermath of her husband’s assassination.

And after this Dior helped with the black dress she wore that time.

Now we know why Lana del Ray is so inspired by her looks. Fashion Icon.

Written by Bruno Ferra
Bruno. Art-lover critic journalist, fashion victim, financial researcher and perfection addicted. Actually working as a market analyst at Union Bank, always wearing a couture standard for clothes. My passions include reading, watching movies, travelling around the world, photography, make-up artistry and going in theater or opera. Favorite music is jazz, blues and classical rock. Animal lover and proudly owned by a bipolar black cat named Miko.