Nouvelle Vague Tirana

Nouvelle Vague Tirana

Starting a new project on the art section.

Like any other young person,curious to explore and to look for new places, we in Sashay will give you a guide to the most attractive places to visit when you come in Tirana, Albania.

The first place introducing to you it will be Nouvelle Vague Tirana. The most lovely place in town to go and have a drink, any drink you like, served from the bartenders and from our crush of the past week Kristian Troci.

Despite the drinks, Nouvelle offers you the tea of the house: Hot tea with fresh fruits inside like, apple,lemon,pomegranate juice but also some mint and a stic of cinnamon, giving the taste of a tea never tasted before.

It is a low light bar combined with nice quite music, funk, jazz-funk,  soul and groovy sounds.

In the morning you can drink your coffee in peace served from the friendly waiters and enjoying the day, while you can decide to go and have a drink at night with your  friends and sit in the warm and friendly spots that Nouvelle offers. 

If you are coming here these  days you will have the opportunity to join the event that Nouvelle organizes.Because it’s Nouvelle’s 4th anniversary, this place is organizing a big event that will last for 17 days with the most well known DJ’s .

The event!

I will suggest you not to miss this opportunity to enjoy the night life of Nouvelle Vague Tirana.

Here even some night out look from us!

That green velvet dress


Kristian Troci
Loving his work



Thanks to : Sofokli Cali (owner of the bar)

Photographer: Matias Bogdani Ndini


Written by Rea Cikali
From Albania, I am a travel reporter who loves to explore new places, take pictures and to capture the moment. And it's a beautiful thing that my boyfriend is also my photographer...Free food and free photos. I'm blessed🐻