Night Out Look.

Dark colors are very fashionable this year, especially the black color and it gray. This two colors making the eyes with dramatic eye especially for colored eyes girls. Today I choose to talk about this look.

1I first used OutDoorGirl Concealer in the upper part of the eye with For Your Beauty Brush and begin to apply it, then I’ve fixed the Beauty Blender from For Your Beauty.

I applied Orange Eyeshadow palette from Meis no.2 and the Chocolate Nudes Setting Brush palette by Catrice.

Orange color determined in the corner of my eye and in a thin line above the eye. Later I applied this color palette Brown from Meis no.1 by dialing above the previous shade to give a little extra warmth, then Setting Brush I fall above to strengthen more eyeshadow and spread better. Then back again to Meis no.1 palette using shades of gray while I dropped two colors in order to undertake the eye becomes opaque, and do this thing with the lower part of the eye that resemble the eye of a Round Eyeshadow uniform. With a Brush apply black color above and below the eye in a slightly and messy way for dramatic eyes and a tendency to give a bit provocative to the eyes with color, again using Setting brush to spread it with a black pencil.  With FlorMar waterproof from the underline and we apply the upper part of the eye a thin line to be overshadowed by more the eye .It’s almost done.

For this look I’ve used a Waterproof Foundation (HD Studio) by OutDoorGirl no.05 which I opened with a Foundation Brush by Deborah Milano, after I applied foundation with beauty blender to remove the excess parts. After this started to make a not very pronounced Contour down apple, in the upper part of the forehead, the nose and the bottom of the chin with FlorMar Stick Foundation.

Coverage Concealer should not fail in your products to Makeup’s, this Concealer from Manhattan that is used to give the face Highlight in the bottom of the eye , the nose, the forehead, the bearded and a thin line below the periphery of the cheeks to have a clean contour, and spreading it gently with beauty blender. excellent face? Then use a Compact Powder which removes brilliance of the foundation. In this look I’ve used 01 beige from Rival de Loop.Let’s start with eyebrows, first of all I’ve used Mascara/brow Brush from For your Beauty, Meis no.1 palette, grey color, and with another Blush from For your Beauty, I have filled the brow, to make it seems full. After that I have used a Concealer to conceal the brow from every imperfection. For the lashes I have used 100%Mascara from Rival de Loop, and i have passed the brush several times to make them seems longer. With a big brush I’ve removed the dust of the compact pounder. For the coloring part of the contour I have used Rainbow Priorities Loose Powder  no.34 Shine Bronze with a Brush from For Your Beauty and another one from BH Cosmetics. Highlighter is an important part on my final look, that gives the face a natural to blind shine. And make my makeup look fabulous. Here I have used a highlight from OutDoorGirl no.03. The highlight was applied to the upper side of my cheekbones, nose, lips and in the end to the lower side of my eyebrows.

The last part of my look was the contouring of my lips, to make them look fuller and more symmetrical I’ve used a lip pencil from Rival de Loop, but the best part came from the inner contour with a lip pencil from True Lips Flormar in nude shade. To correct the shape of your lips in your favorite way, take your concealer and a brush and correct the excess parts. Here we are! Ready to go!.



Written by Egi Qineti
‎I'm a18 years old from Tirana, aspiring to be a Make-up artist. I'm associated with sashaydown's crew and I cover Celebrity, Beauty Editorials. I also own a YouTube channel, that's always waiting for you to take a look. Hope we can have fun together.