Men’s Camel Coat

Winter is coming and on these cold days a coat is a must have thing on your daily outfit. And a Camel Coat is a perfect one.


Camel is a colour that can work so well with most items in your wardrobe. The contrast between camel and black in the outfit below shows how easy it is to pull off. The accessories really make the outfit work with a brown leather bag smartening up the look.



If you haven’t already got one, Camel coats need to become a part of your wardrobe. Whether they’re thrown on top of an all black outfit or you’re carefully putting together an outfit for an occasion, the Camel shade will always look good. The jacket from  below has a fresh look that camel coatts often have.


Written by Jurgen Cellima
Jurgen a hairdresser from Tirana with a love for coffee, fashion and Art in general.I had this kind of obsession to always look good and classy in my own way, trust me i do that very well and makes me feel better everyday I try to. And yeah you might have get it that I'm an Old School type.