How do I fix my mascara?

Hey guys!!

Your mascara is dry again??? You left it open??? Or maybe you think it’s empty by now??

Read this before you throw it away !!


I can’t wait to share with you one of my makeup tricks. This one is on how I keep my mascara working like the first day I opened it and use it for so long. In fact I always thought everybody knew this because I’ve been doing it for so many years but as I was talking with my friends they were so shocked when I told them.

My tube of mascara was always horrible , it only would work great for a week and then it would get dry and clumpy when I applied it. So I would use it for 2 weeks and go buy another one. This way I tried all the mascaras in the world cause I thought it was a brand problem but no, it was my fault because I take ages to apply my mascara , I do like a hundred coats, so I would let it open for too long xP…

If you are like me and your mascara always gets dry, try using EYE DROPS on it …. Yep!!  Also, eye drops are meant for your eyes so it’s safe to put it in your mascara.

Even if you think your mascara is empty cause it’s not so pigmented anymore or doesn’t do much on your lashes, try some eye drops before throwing it away because you never know. It always worked for me and I used it for another 2 weeks/a month.

It’s a very cheap and very easily available product. About 4-5 drops will make any tube of mascara feel like brand new , I swear!!

If you are wondering what mascara I use , It’s the maybelline one in the picture … I love all the maybelline mascaras, have been using them for years and I’m 100% positive that eye drops work with them. I’m not sure about the waterproof mascaras because I never use them so never tried this trick on them.

You have to try it now and thank me later !! Byeeeeeeeeeee :*


Written by Arissa Rexho
An engineer's mind mixed with an artist's heart. Originally from Tirana,Albania Right know I am supposed to be in an office, working on projects for some roads and buildings and this kind of shit XP ( because I'm an engineering student) but as long as I'm young and full of hidden talents and passions and great ideas , I choose to be writing on this blog about beauty, art, makeup, DIYs and create as much content as i think of. My experience in Television has given me so much desire to learn more about new ways and tricks on how to care about myself and look better. Your question is: what was I doing on Tv? I will surprise you more, I'm a singer. I've been singing since I was 12 in every competition in my country and now I aspire to have my own content related to music. For more check my YouTube channel!