What Celebrity M.U.A Think Will Be Trendy On 2017???

2016 is almost over and it has been a great year for Make Up so far. But makeup lovers like me, can’t wait to see what looks will appear on celebrity faces on 2017. Elle magazine has interviewed some celebrity makeup artists and according to them this may be the new makeup trends on 2017:


Liquid Matte Lips have been a huge trend the past couple of years. The lip kits were everywhere from all brands and colors but on 2017 makeup artists want to bring the lip gloss back.

2.Skin That Breathes

No more strobing, baking or contour! They want to take it back on healthy, conditioned ,radiant skin. Let your skin breathe. But  also combining healthy skin with bold lips or eyes.

3.Dimensional Lips.

Bold statement lips are taken to the next level by creating dimensions, from ombre effects to an overlay of glitter.

4.Straight, Boyish Brows

Naturally groomed, straight brows make you look younger and are on-trend for 2017. Give the tweezers, pencils, and powders a rest, and reach for a tinted gel to hold freshly brushed brows and lightly fill them as well.

5.Black Liner, Interrupted

Either degraded on the bottom lash line or lined only in the centers of the eyes, black liner takes on a new look being a bit unfinished. Whether grungy or architectural, your only mission is to leave the hyper-flawless look in 2016.

6.Totally monochromatic

Pairing blush with the same lip tone and adding the same coloring in the eyes ties everything together.

7.Pretty in Pink

Think of this color as the “new neutral”. And what’s great about a neutral is that you can pull it off on any part of the face.

8.Vinyl-Like Liner

Eyeliner is still in but this time choose a formula with a gleaming finish. Shiny liquid liner gives it an extra edge for 2017.

9.Heavy Metal

Metallic lids give a similar pop effect as last year’s glossy lids trend, but with more functional wearability. Clearly, 2017 is your year to shine.

10.Burgundy Mascara

To keep it from making you look tired, opt for a dark formula that shows its true hue only when it catches the light.


Written by Arissa Rexho
An engineer's mind mixed with an artist's heart. Originally from Tirana,Albania Right know I am supposed to be in an office, working on projects for some roads and buildings and this kind of shit XP ( because I'm an engineering student) but as long as I'm young and full of hidden talents and passions and great ideas , I choose to be writing on this blog about beauty, art, makeup, DIYs and create as much content as i think of. My experience in Television has given me so much desire to learn more about new ways and tricks on how to care about myself and look better. Your question is: what was I doing on Tv? I will surprise you more, I'm a singer. I've been singing since I was 12 in every competition in my country and now I aspire to have my own content related to music. For more check my YouTube channel!