Libra, the diplomat of the zodiac…!!!

Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Ruler: Venus
Color: Blue, Green
Day: Friday
Greatest Compatibility: Gemini, Aquarius
Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Aries
Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is probably one of the most balanced sings you will know. People born under this star sign are peaceful, fair, and always willing to help the others and to create a harmonious environment. However, in their effort to keep everyone happy they find it difficult to say ‘NO’ , and as a result, they end up forgetting that they have their own opinions too. Partnership is the most important thing for Libra- people!!! Cooperative by nature, they will adapt in every situation, and will be great leaders due to their cardinal quality. Cardinal signs are all about leadership, follow-me kind of relationships, but in Libra this is expressed in a more classy and charming way. They love to start conversations, actions, thoughts, but they don’t shout ‘look at me’. They work in silence letting the success make the noise!!!


Love is in the air!

The element related to Libra is Air. Air element is the masculine or yang energy, representing the breath or prana (the realm of ideas). Air people seems to live in their heads, being highly active one moment and completely inactive the next one. In everyday life Libras expresses their airy nature fitting into any social situation and getting along with everyone. They love to communicate with new people and to look at things everyday with a new perspective. Like all air signs , Libra, is capable of seeing all sides of situations, weight the options, and keep the inner balance by remaining honest. They cannot tolerate injustice because they are fascinated by the equality and symmetry (the reason why most successful lawyers are born under this star sign) They are curious, perceptive and intuitive, but also very insecure! They suffer from a lack of self confidence, and are always searching for something to complete them….


‘You are such a wonderful creation dear Libra. Don’t waste your time in insecurities and help this cold world to meet the feeling of peace!’


Strengths: Cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social

Weaknesses: Indecisive, avoids confrontations, self-pity


Allies or Enemies?!

‘Venus is the power that we invoke in spring, in the garden, when things begin growing…’

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty. For this reason they are extremely romantic, and whatever they do in their life is driven by feelings of love. But this story is more complicated than it seems. Venus in Libra is all about paradox! It brings peace and war, harmony and mess. It is at the same time the hill and the downfall, the boon and the disaster…


  1. Ruled by Venus you tend to move very quickly into new friends and new fields. This makes you look paradoxical to people who surrounds you (bad), but this also helps you to feed your appetite for knowing everything. (good)
  2. Ruled by Venus you have a huge desire for good music, art, new places and especially for fashion!(good) But some of you get confused along the way and end up valuing the physical appearances and superficial things more.(bad)
  3. Ruled by Venus you work smart, not hard. You achieve everything you want(good), but you are lazy when it comes to getting your hands dirty and do all the work by yourself.(bad)
  4. Ruled by Venus you are known for your good taste in fashion(good), but when it comes to buying you turns to be very hesitant, indecisive and yes, sometimes boring. (very bad lol)
  5. Ruled by Venus you have excellent instincts and intuition (good), but most of the time you don’t trust them enough. (bad)
  6. Ruled by Venus you are known to be very flirtatious (bad), but once you’re in a relationship, you are the most dedicated person in the world! (good)

As you see, Venus is both your ally and your enemy. Now it’s up to you if you want to fight it, or to live with it and become stronger.

I’m already sure about your choice!!!


All the best…

Written by Xhesika Caushaj
Hi. Im Xhessika Caushaj (Jessica). I was born in the beginning of June, and as a mercurial creature since I was little I had posters of the constellations above my bed. I was fscinated about everything that was in the sky! Where others used to see just some sparkling little dots Ive seen life, power, energy... The day I felt in love with Astrology my life changed. I found all my answers and I cant wait to share them with you💋 #InDefenseOfTheStars