I’m in love with Coco.

Having read the biographies of the most important characters that among their successes, their talent and their pain, especially the last ones have managed to remain an icon.
Came to my mind one of them, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel known by the nickname Coco.Gabrielle Chanel was born on August 19 in 1883 in a modest family on the outskirts of Valle della Loira French. Her father was a salesman, while her mother a worker .. After losing mom at age 32, along with sisters Gabrielle was adopted by the Aubazine orphanage nuns. Those last 7 years in the orphanage, marked deep in Gabrielles life, after seeing in her creations the influence of religious life. It was inspired precisely by religious outfits and facilities during religious ceremonies, love of black and white, two colors combined perfectly among them but also contradictory. Her passion for fashion flared when embraced more baroque style and silver color, which introduced us to her creations and jewelery. Coco Chanel had a stable vision for fashion, but also sports the same time, she wanted her creations to become the image of women as independent. This idea was faced with more criticism for his argument about the women’s emancipation was not a right recognized in that era.

Coco Chanel, couturičre française. Paris, 1936. LIP-6958-102

Coco Chanel, couturičre française. Paris, 1936. LIP-6958-102

At years 20’ Coco Chanel launched its creation (let’s call it revolutionary), la petite robe noire, little black dress
Women were seen on the streets with men’s suits, white shirts and ties. Coco the revolutionary had put menswear available to female’s gardarobes, had expanded part of the waist and had a little cut above the pulps ends without revealing the knee.
In the same period created fantasy jewelry, with large colored stone, pearls and crystals decorating minimal wardrobe.
Gabrielle was strong and ambitious, which revolutionized the female fashion, and she didnt come from a noble family, but her humble origins influenced the formation of its character in an icon.


Gabrielle Chanel in 1921 introduced the first perfume, Chanel N 5, created by Ernest Beaux who long ago was the first perfume maker.
As Coco’s choise, the perfume should’ve had an endless flavor of femininity, and exactly Beaux mixed it with natural essences, like lemon, Bergamotto, aldeidi, neroli, creating a bouquet of fresh flowers. She wanted to name her perfume ‘’Number 5’’ like the olfative family from those fifth presented by Ernest Beaux.


In 1970 Gabrielle Chanel introduced the perfume N19 ‘, coinciding with the date of her birth, 19 August. This was accomplished with fragrance scent of flowers and remains one of the successes of the company Chanel.

A year after, in January 10, 1971, Coco Chanel died, and in 1983 Karl Lagerfeld Chanel leads as artistic director and designer collections alta moda, and accessories.

Did you know for example how Gabielle was called later Coco? She often showed the fact that his father affectionately called her like that. It seems that the name is derived from the song Coco “” Qui qu’avu Coco dans le Trocadéro? ” which Gabrielle sang in a coffee – concert during her brief career as a singer.
Gabrielle also believed in her destiny number that was 5, the date that was chosen as the presentations of collections, usually in February 5th or August 5.
Also, she was a lion, Leo is the sign 5. Leo is another mark in her life since the beginning of the career, that we see engraved in buttons and in jewelery sets ..
And it is precisely the lion that stands on her head, in marble status on her grave. And they are of
course, 5.


La natura ti dà la faccia che hai a vent’anni, é compito tuo meritarti quella che avrai a cinquant’anni.
Coco Chanel

Written by Regina Haxhiaj
From Tirana with love. Currently studying for Business Law. Although I've done studies at the Artistic Lyceum of Ravenna, still can't stop the artist's feelings that are on me. I'm an old enthusiastic blogger and ready to gave you the best of myself. Associated at sasshaydown as a photographer since I like to freeze the moments and stamp them and fashion editor.