Happy Birthday Jennifer Aniston. Her most iconic outfits from “Friends”.

To try and describe Jennifer Aniston and the influence she’s had over literally everyone is impossible. She’s an actress, activist, businesswoman and soon she will become a mother. Today, as of February 11th, it’s her 48 birthday ( Happy Birthday Icon🎉)  and apparently age is just a number for her😍.

One of the most important and favorite roles she’s played and one close to every fans heart is the role of Rachel Green from the famous “Friends” sitcom. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please exit this article immediately. Joking. Um not really. So in honor of her birthday, I’m bringing Rachel’s best outfit back for some 90s-00s inspo. Enjoy!


Written by Sirja Strazimiri
Born in 97 but I feel like I’m really vintage all the time, probably because vintage is my kink. I love writing and speaking up but also I love fashion. From fashion editorials, daily outfits to DIY, I literally am excited to talk on this blog about almost everything. Future world traveler, currently being a professional sleeper ,a wanna-be-writer& a marketing student. And I also have a thing for TV shows and Kendall Jenner.