Fall Makeup Tutorial


This look is one of my favorite ones. In this look I’ve used warm colors for the fall season.
First of all I’ve used a concealer from Rival de Loop on the upper side of the eye with For You beauty Brush and start the application with it, after that I use Beauty Blender from For You Beauty Brush to fix it. The next step is cutting two pieces of tape, first i used to put them on my hand too remove the hard stick to avoid the face irritation since it is so delicate. After that I set those two pieces of tape in the corner of the eyes, in that kind of angle and in that direction that are complied with the end of the eyebrow, in that way to make the make up looks perfect.
Applied Eyeshadow in an orange shade from Meis palette no.2 and Setting Brush for spreading it all over the eye, after that with the same brush and palette, I used a mustard color to diminish the orange color. The next step was using the same mustard nuance but with glitter from Miss Rose (Lasting Gloss Wet EyeShadow) from the starter part of the eye to the middle, and after that with the same palette I’ve used the orange color from the middle to the end of the eye, and again from the same palette I’ve used in the end a mate black nuance to give the eye a sophisticated view.
After finishing with the eyeshadow it’s time for the eyeliner from Essence. I used to apply it all over the eye. After finishing with the eyeliner in the upper side of the eye, I start applying in in the down side, and after that I put the mascara (3D Mascara) from Erre Due and the next one is from Maybelline (volume express). The eye part is finished, now with a Concealer from OutDoorGirl in a green color that minimize redness, is going to be applied to my necessary parts to cover and to spread it better i use a beauty blender.

For foundation I’ve used my favorite one, Perfect Matt no.03 Caramel from Rival de Loop and a brush from Deborah Milano. For contour and highlight I’ve used palette Cover and Contouring from Rival de Loop. Under the eyes, to the nose,beard and under the contour line I’ve used a lighter shade of foundation, and I’ve contoured the down side of my brows and the upper side of my forehead, for those I have used a Brush from For your Beauty and Beauty Blender from the same firm.
To underline more the contour I’ve used Loose Powder no.34 Shine Bronze from Rainbow Priorities and a Brush from ForYourBeauty. After that I have used Finishing Pressed Powder from ModelsOwn using a simple sponge to gave the face the perfect simplicity.
It’s time for the eyebrows, for them I have used Music Flower Eyebrow Gel (24h) and a brush from Bh Cosmetics and after that with Meis Palette I’ve filled the eyebrows with an adjust color and a brush from ForYourBeauty. To gave the eyebrow a perfect form with a brush and a concealer I remove the excessive parts. After finishing with the eyebrows, with a brush I clean all the pressed powder. The highlighter is very important to finish my look, so I use a highlighter from Flormar and a brush from ForYourBeauty in the upper side of my brows, upper the eyebrows, to the nose and upper my lips.
The last step, my lips! I’ve used a lips’s brown pencil from Rival de Loop no.02 to gave them a contour and after that I’ve used a lipgloss in a nude shade from Avon.To remove the excess parts of the pencil from the lips I use the same brush and the same concealer like mentioned before.

Now you are ready to go!


Written by Egi Qineti
‎I'm a18 years old from Tirana, aspiring to be a Make-up artist. I'm associated with sashaydown's crew and I cover Celebrity, Beauty Editorials. I also own a YouTube channel, that's always waiting for you to take a look. Hope we can have fun together.