Crush of the week – ‘The talented Adela Osmani’

Good photographs and good films are just like a great painting or an old wine. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed , you still look at a photo or re-watch a good film and you enjoy it. But when we see a good picture or a good film many of us never wonder who’s the “mad” artist behind it. So today that’s what I’ll be talking about. But please if you’re reading this don’t expect me to write another boring fashion editorial about some famous fashion photographer. The word “famous” today is overrated. I’m sure out there exist genuinely more talented artists (in my case movie directors or photographers) that are underrated or not famous than the actual “famous” ones.


Adela Osmani is one of them. When I first heard about her through a mutual friend I must say I was impressed and inspired at the same time. Everyone can be talented but not everyone can take the initiative to shoot an ‘amateur’ film, write the script and direct the whole thing by themselves. The movie is called ‘Versioni Im‘ (Albanian) which in English means ‘My version’ and it’s a romantic comedy which talks about a group of high school  friends and their love interest between each other.

When asked about the movie she quotes : ” The actors were all my friends , and they had nothing in common with acting before the idea of the movie came up. The idea was to create a memory that would stay with us even after we were done with high school. I told them ‘take this seriously , I will cast this on cinema’ but none of them believed me , that’s why at the end everyone came up with some complaints because they did not pay attention to their looks or their acting in some scenes. Working with your 10 friends, that came to the set late, read the script in the last minute etc, it’s really hard , believe me , but regardless of everything, we’ve made some pretty good and funny memories. Emotions rushed all over us , especially at the movie premiere, and we did get quite a positive feedback. I wrote the script of the entire project in one night , February 2015, the shooting lasted 9 months and it’s 75 minutes long. It’s not perfect by any means, I was only 17, but looking back at it, the acting,the shooting place, the scenes , the moments oh, everything made it beautiful.” She also adds that the movie may be appearing on TV,  on Digitalb platform sooner thank you think. Keep an eye for that, you don’t want to miss it.



But how did her love for the camera began? Adela says : “Well my love for the photography and film started much earlier than I had even realized it that I was in love with these stuff. I used to edit the videos I did with my friends in the 6th grade and I continued doing it naturally, until in the 9th grade I realized that this was what made me happy. Still , even now when I see those videos, I’m surprised how I managed to do things that good when I didn’t pay attention at all to what I was doing. The same thing happened to me with the photography, I was known by my friends as the one who did the most beautiful and special photos. I’ve always been for the different and special stuff. Actually, I’m in love deeply with making videos rather than photography because I like the living things , and a video is much more alive than a photo.”

Sasha Samsonova and Bryant Eslava are her favorite photographers while Tom Mitchel is in her list of many favorite video directors. She adds that two special Albanian photographers have her support too, Edvina Meta and Eugenio Qose.

I love to photograph human beauty, because I want to experience nature beauty through my own eyes and not through the camera. I mostly photograph girl portraits, especially girls that feel free in every aspect , and they don’t put restriction to what I want to photograph. Also photos of people in  environments with the diversity of lightning and colors, on nature or in other great places. It doesn’t matter what the models look like, where you take the picture is what matters.” – Adela says when asked about what she most likes to photograph.








The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera is her favorite quote that symbolizes her work.pdsc_1960p


Asked about the difficulty of being an artist today she answers : ” To be an artist today it’s not hard at all, because you do what you love most. What’s hard these days, and mostly in Albania is to live only by being an artist. It really tough for artists like me and many others, to enter the Albanian market without the help of an influential personality. I’m sure that photography or directing won’t be my primary jobs, but rather something I enjoy doing in my free time. I study marketing, and the image is marketing, advertising, photography. So I will definitely mix my passion with my job. And when I’m successful doing that, that will be the moment I will love what I do much more.”

I’m sure everyone will be inspired by the beautiful Adela, like I am right now. For anyone who wants to see more of her work, check out her Instagram here. I wish her all the luck of the world and thank her for taking part in this article. Until next post , have a lovely Sunday evening and a great week lovers. Yours truly.



Written by Sirja Strazimiri
Born in 97 but I feel like I’m really vintage all the time, probably because vintage is my kink. I love writing and speaking up but also I love fashion. From fashion editorials, daily outfits to DIY, I literally am excited to talk on this blog about almost everything. Future world traveler, currently being a professional sleeper ,a wanna-be-writer& a marketing student. And I also have a thing for TV shows and Kendall Jenner.