Crush of the week – Matias Ndini , taking over the world as a new director.

“My duty is to try to reach beauty. Cinema is emotion. When you laugh you cry.”

 -Roberto Benigni-


This is how I choose to start this Sunday’s Crush, with the quote of a very well known Italian director. Why?

Because I will present to you the director to be:

Matias Bogdani Ndini

He is my love, my Crush. Matias is a 19 years old boy, full of positive energy, creative and an artist in his soul. He studies at Tirana’s Academy of Arts. Since he was a little boy everyone saw his potential. What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

Just like Matias says:

“The camera might capture a moment, but until it has captured a soul there is no photography.”

His favorite director is Roberto Benigni, and his favorite movie is “La vita e bella”. Being an artist requires a lot of  hard work and creativity.

Last year he held his first exhibition called “Back story” , where he represented his work and surprised everyone with the dancers during his speech. Each section had 4 photos and each one was explained in an artistic way. But only one was his favorite. Not because of the quality of the photo but for what that man in the picture had to tell to others.

You can find more about his exhibition here at Sashay  , where you’ll find a full article, explaining each photography taken.

When he was 10 years old he was selected to go as a jury in the “Mediterranean Film Festival” for kids  in Bari, Italy.

His latest work is taking part at the “48 Hour Film Festival” in Tirana, last November.

Together with friends, he created e group, where everyone had specific jobs to do. From  director , screenwriter, music , make up, actors and props. Our group was called “Cut Scenes”.

The festival made us choose a letter where is written a genre, and as soon as you take it you go and start preparing for everything to create the movie. The genre that we got was horror. The director was very demanding in addition to have good results. After 48 hours we were very tired but at the end we did it, we made a movie, won a price (Best use of genre), and also had a lot of fun with friends working together.

Robert Aliaj. Nje artist jo i mire. Nje njeri pa morale. Si mundet qe vazhdon akoma nje lufte kunder injorances se popullit te gjere Shqiptar? Si mundet qe vazhdon akoma nje lufte per te perkrahur artin kur asnhe nuk te perkrah ty? Artista si ty nuk duhet te ekzistojne fare. Preferoj te shoh artista te merituar te cilet mbushin skenat me kenge dhe trupa te shitur e te blere per hir te fames. Preferoj artista te cilet ndryshojne mendim kur bomba bie mbi ta dhe terhiqen sa here kane pengesa pare. Preferoj njerez qe nuk e thone fjalen qe mendojne qe te mbajne gjalle reputacionin e mire. Nuk dua te shoh dike i cili i permbahet te njejtave ideale qe ka qe nga zanafilla e tij si artist. Nuk dua te shoh dike qe nuk terhiqe ne kohen kur te gjithe e sulmojne dhe e peshtyjne. Por mbi te gjitha dike qe eshte realist dhe kritik per gabimet qe shihen qare por asnje tjeter nuk hap goje sepse i vjen keq te flasin e te "shajne" sepse nuk eshte morale dhe mendojne se secili ka mendimin e lire, duke qene se ty nuk tu dha kjo e drejte. E vertete qe irona ketu eshte e madhe. Mundohuni ta shihni ndryshe artin dhe jeten. Pa u terhequr mbrapa dhe duke pranuar limitet e vetes suaj sic beri ky gisht lyer e bastun ziu dhe arriti te sillte kete eveniment boteror ne shtetin tone. Megjithese nuk arritem aty ku do donim te ishim ne kategorine e cmimeve une dhe grupi ndihemi krenar qe morem pjese ne nje gje me te madhe se vete ne te gjithe bashke. Te faleminderit Robert.

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“Even when I was a little boy I was a very demanding person. I always wanted my dad to tell me stories, but I wanted them with different thing and objects just as I demanded.”

He is planning soon to organize another exhibition. For the moment he is working on a new project, a documentary. This documentary revels the vicissitude a family has to go through living in a harsh world.

You can be talented, but to become successful you should work very hard. This is what he is doing, working very hard for his career and with the support of  his family and friends

Written by Rea Cikali
From Albania, I am a travel reporter who loves to explore new places, take pictures and to capture the moment. And it's a beautiful thing that my boyfriend is also my photographer...Free food and free photos. I'm blessed🐻