How to create outfits that work? ūü§Ē

Everyone can buy a pair of shoes , a shirt or a pair of pants, but the problem for many men arises when it comes to assemble it all to compose a harmonious whole.

The question many people are asking is: “With what can I match this?”

But the right question to ask is: “What would I like to wear today?”

Dressing should be a pleasure ,but if you take it as a stressful task from which you can not escape, then you will not go very far along the road of improving your style.

How do to change mentalities towards the creation of your outfits?

It could not be more simple.

Case One

You get up in the morning, you look out and it seems¬†to be a cold morning. So you think it’s time to wear your beautiful woolen cardigan.

Well right now you have an item that you like and want to wear.

We have a starting point.

While you drink coffee you think that since it is not your day of work , you want to wear a more casually.

Just a simple t-shirt then.

Choose the one you like to to be comfortable :-).

It’s cold. Which¬†jeans to wear? The thickest¬†naturally.

Which shoes ? If you want to be comfortable¬†a pair of sneakers, white, blue or gray will do fine,but ¬†how they could look with the rest of your outfit? Just be careful, if the sneakers are ankle high,your ¬†jeans can’t be too long.

A nice belt with a simple color¬†and leather material is an essential ¬†in your outfit¬†, a well-knotted scarf and “Voila” you’re¬†done.

Case Two

While you drink your coffee you realize that you have an appointment for which the T-shirt would be too comfortable;¬†you’ll have a long day¬†but still be able to maintain a casual style for some time off.

All you need to do is replace the t-shirt with a shirt, match the colors and every basic detail with the cardigan.

Case Three
While drinking coffee, suddenly you  feel the irresistible urge to dress like a real man, not a teenager.
It is simple; replace the sneakers with a pair of lace shoes ,type brogue. Add the cardigan jacket to the outfit ,in the color ¬†blue or gray, knot your scarf and you’re ready.

Written by Hair Zeqiri
A lover, a gentleman, a dreamer, a sensitive man, a lonely fellow, always hopefully for romance and adventure. I am ZET! Henry Z. Style has no rule, just personality!