The Miracle Oil

The miracle oil.

I would be very happy if you all thought about coconut oil, because I want everyone to know about this miracle oil that we should all have in our lives.
I’m sure if you type “coconut oil” on google, a thousand ways on how to benefit from it will pop up, but I will show you my personal experience with it and how I use it. But first, go buy one jar immediately if you don’t have one!!
I live in Tirana and here you can find it at Rossmann&Lala but I’m sure wherever you live you can find it. If not, buy it online. Here , I found a link for you

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Moisturizer and Makeup Remover

With a cotton pad and a bit coconut oil you can take off very easily your eye makeup, especially my girls who like those waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. It’s not healthy and good for the eye area to rub and scrub your makeup off , but with coconut oil it takes off magically. Only place the cotton pad on your eyelid and let the oil soak in and wipe. Also when you finish taking all your makeup off , leave the coconut oil on your skin and lips. It’s a very light weight oil so you will not feel it there but you will benefit from it cause it’s a great natural moisturizer and helps lighten age spots or any spots. Don’t let behind your eyelashes and eyebrows cause it helps them grow thicker .
I do this every night before I sleep ,after I’ve taken my makeup off, I leave the coconut oil on and watch some youtube videos or continue my normal routine and let it soak in for an hour.

Coconut oil for hair

Except for the eyebrow and eyelashes, I use it on my hair in different ways depending on the day. Some days, rub a little drop of oil on your hands and pass the hands through the hair to make and anti-frizz treatment. Also give your scalp a coconut oil massage daily to stimulate hair growth. I like to use it also as natural conditioner. I put it on my hair before I shower, put on a shower cap and keep it for as long as you like and then wash it good with several rounds of shampoo.

Mixed with other products

I mix coconut oil with baking soda and make a whitening toothpaste.
Also the mix with baking soda you can use as a natural deodorant.
Add a couple drops of essential oils and make a delicious massage oil.
Mix with equal parts sugar and make a homemade body scrub (in the shower).

Other ways I use coconut Oil

Use it daily on foods or smoothies for energy.
Try adding it on coffee as a coffee creamer or in hot tea to help a sore throat.
Use it as shave cream or after shave lotion.
Rub on cuticles to help nails grow.
Use it as naturally low SPF sunscreen.
Apply on my skin on the beach for tanning.
It helps with sunburn after the initial heat is gone.
Apply inside of my nose when its dry or when I have allergy symptoms.
Find recipes online to use it for cooking also.

Written by Arissa Rexho
An engineer's mind mixed with an artist's heart. Originally from Tirana,Albania Right know I am supposed to be in an office, working on projects for some roads and buildings and this kind of shit XP ( because I'm an engineering student) but as long as I'm young and full of hidden talents and passions and great ideas , I choose to be writing on this blog about beauty, art, makeup, DIYs and create as much content as i think of. My experience in Television has given me so much desire to learn more about new ways and tricks on how to care about myself and look better. Your question is: what was I doing on Tv? I will surprise you more, I'm a singer. I've been singing since I was 12 in every competition in my country and now I aspire to have my own content related to music. For more check my YouTube channel!