Christmas Makeup Tutorial

Yayyy !! Another makeup video from me. Thank you for the good comments on my first one.

This is a simple yet festive look for celebrating Christmas. I would wear this on a Christmas dinner with family and friends.

I hope it is helpful and easy for you guys to recreate.

I didn’t use eyeliner to make it easier. Use tape under eyes to create a straight clean line.

The products are in the video but you can use whatever you like

Lots of love <3


Written by Arissa Rexho
An engineer's mind mixed with an artist's heart. Originally from Tirana,Albania Right know I am supposed to be in an office, working on projects for some roads and buildings and this kind of shit XP ( because I'm an engineering student) but as long as I'm young and full of hidden talents and passions and great ideas , I choose to be writing on this blog about beauty, art, makeup, DIYs and create as much content as i think of. My experience in Television has given me so much desire to learn more about new ways and tricks on how to care about myself and look better. Your question is: what was I doing on Tv? I will surprise you more, I'm a singer. I've been singing since I was 12 in every competition in my country and now I aspire to have my own content related to music. For more check my YouTube channel!