Cancer… the Benefactor !!!

img_6335Date range: June 21 – July 22
Element: Water
Ruler: The Moon
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Orange, White
Day: Monday, Thursday
Secret Desire: to feel safe (emotionally, spiritually, romantically and financially).
Greatest Compatibility: Scorpio, Pisces
Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Capricorn
Lucky Numbers: 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25

This article is about those who makes our life easier. Yes, today we’re gonna talk about Cancers!!!
Cancer (the Crab) is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, and represents the beginning of summer, bringing to us warmth and fruition. People born under this star sign are complex, fragile and temperamental with a constant need for support and encouragement. But once they resolve their emotional issues such as shyness and insecurity, the powerful character will shine though. So a friendly reminder, never underestimate the inner power of a Cancer!!! They will know exactly what you’re thinking and feeling, because of their highly intuitive empathy. Cancers are the ones who will understand you better then they understand themselves.



Water signs are intuitive, sensitive and emotional. Since Cancer is the first water sign it represents to us the depth of ocean. They are deeply sensitive and easily hurt. It is difficult for a Cancer to open up with someone because they are so closed off emotionally and physically to the world. This is driven by their fear of trusting people. Sometimes this is unfortunate because when good experiences are to happen, they are very skeptical. But once they are feeling appreciated and confident they will be excellent lovers and caretakers, making sure that everyone around them is feeling happy and content.


Ah la Luna, la Luna!!!


The Moon is the nearest neighbor to the earth and symbolizes the relationship between woman and child. Since our devoted Cancers are ruled by this planet they have a tendency to value their home, loved ones and comforts more than anything else. Even though they aren’t big spender of money, for them material security is very important. They are very physical and enjoys everything they can touch and feel. Many of them are passionate foodies who love to cook and of course , eat! Moon in Cancer rules the soul, imagination and big feelings, so expect to feel the most appreciated person alive when a Cancer is nearby.

Famous Cancers

Ernest Hemingway, Frida Kahlo, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Giselle Bünchen,Pamela Anderson, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Chris Isaak, Angela Merkel, Alexander The Great etc.

Let me know what do you think about this and get ready for the kings and queens of the Zodiac.

Sooon. . .

Written by Xhesika Caushaj
Hi. Im Xhessika Caushaj (Jessica). I was born in the beginning of June, and as a mercurial creature since I was little I had posters of the constellations above my bed. I was fscinated about everything that was in the sky! Where others used to see just some sparkling little dots Ive seen life, power, energy... The day I felt in love with Astrology my life changed. I found all my answers and I cant wait to share them with you💋 #InDefenseOfTheStars