Be brave, don’t shave.

You’ve patiently waited for months, and now you’re the proud owner of an epic beard. The real challenge begins now you have to take care of that beard, protecting it from the harsh environment.
The weather elements can be your beards worst enemies. The long lustrous hair you patiently watched slowly grow into a thick masculine mane can easily be damaged by extremes of temperature, humidity or dryness.



So u have to be careful all the time to have that beard always on shape
Here are some of the most latest trend beard styles. U decide which fits u.
And remember our game has started 10 days ago. I hope all the men are part of it.


Written by Jurgen Cellima
Jurgen a hairdresser from Tirana with a love for coffee, fashion and Art in general.I had this kind of obsession to always look good and classy in my own way, trust me i do that very well and makes me feel better everyday I try to. And yeah you might have get it that I'm an Old School type.