BLOND AMBITION: Colours that always look good on blondes

Calling all blondies. You’re already hot, but these style tips will bring you and your blondeness to the next level.

Of course blondes (natural or, ehm, otherwise) have more fun. With your sunny head of hair comes more confidence, more sexiness and definitely more attention. But did you know you could be jeopardizing your ultimate hotness by wearing the wrong colored clothes with your blonde hairstyle? Put on a shirt in the wrong shade and you’re likely to be more blonde bummer than bombshell — no one wants that.Bust out of that boring black, white and gray — neutrals are a color complement, not a replacement and may not be ideal for highlighting your features. Your light hair and eyes likely land you squarely in fair-skinned territory, so embracing color is your best bet for warming things up and making your enviable features sing.

Here are some good examples.


Margot Robbie opted for a classic golden gown. I love how she softened the glamour-puss vibes with beachy hair.


Light yellowish-blond hair and fair skin like Blake Lively’s call for strong, vibrant colors like cobalt blue.


Who could deny the power of a red dress, red lip and red carpet all together? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley made this and looked gorgeous.

Okay, we know that white isn’t strictly a color, but it does really suit blondes and that’s a fact. Look out for textures and surface detailing to add interest, like Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Luxury of Jewel Tones

Who said that jewel tones don’t flatter blondes? Emerald green, turquoise blue, purple and cornflower tones are some of the best clothing colors women with honey blonde hair shade can opt for. These luxury hues are especially ideal for special occasion looks.


You can dip into the green spectrum, with a bomber jacket like Emma Roberts- i love how it almost clashes against her bleached waves.

Pastels in General

Generally, picking pastel shades is something universally recommended for blondes. They are gifted with the natural ability to pull off pastels ideally. Think baby blue, pale pink, soft green, and yellow and imagine the picture perfect looks. However, it is important to remember that shades like sage green are not that advised for blondes, unlike bright Kelly green, pear, grassy and mossy greens and even dark olive.

If you have ashy blond hair and medium skin similar to Suki Waterhouse, contrast your cool tones with warm neutrals, like blush pinks and peaches.

Written by Megi Dibra
Or you can call me The Blondie... That's because I’m a 21 year old blonde girl with a massive passion and love for fashion, beauty and everything that has to do with it. When I’m not catching up the latest high-fashion news, i enjoy shopping and traveling around the world. Also an animal lover Xoxo