Step 1 :I’ve used a Green Concealer (it’s minimise redness) to cover the redness and acnes on my face from OutDoorGirl and after that with a brush.

Step 2: After that with a beauty blender I’ve fixed it.

Step 3: With Cover and Contouring palette and this brush I’ve applied it at the downer side of the eye.

Step 4: I’ve applied an Eyeshadow in an grey and beige nuance from Meis palette no.2 and Setting Brush for spreading it all over the eye.

Step 5:  I’ve used the black colour for the upper side of the eye with this brush.

Step 6: :  I’ve used the brown colour and the black one for fine line under the eye with this brush.

Step 7: With Lasting gloss wet eyeshadow ,I’ve picked a dark green from the starter part of the eye to the middle and after that on the start of the eye with a green light.

Step 8 : .For the eyelashes I’ve used a mascara (3D mascara) even in the upper and in the down part of the eye.

Step 9 : For foundation I’ve used my favourite one as always, Perfect Matt no.03 Caramel and a foundation brush.

Step 10: For contour and highlight I’ve used palette Cover and Contouring and this brush.(Under the eyes, to the nose,beard and under the contour line)

Step 11: For my eyebrows I’ve worked with Prestige.

Step 12: To clean my face from Pressed Powder.

Step 13: To highlight more my contour I’ve used Loose Powder no.34 Shine Bronze and this brush.

Step 14:  For underliner I’ve used this black eyeliner and for the lips I’ve used the same.

Step 15: And also for the lips I’ve used the pink,red,blue colour.

Step 16:  With this highlighter and this brush, I’ve applied a little bit on my cheekbones, in the upper side of my eyebrows, on the nose and upper the lips.


Ig: Makeupbyegi
Fb: Egi Qineti (M.U.A)



Written by Egi Qineti
‎I'm a18 years old from Tirana, aspiring to be a Make-up artist. I'm associated with sashaydown's crew and I cover Celebrity, Beauty Editorials. I also own a YouTube channel, that's always waiting for you to take a look. Hope we can have fun together.