Back Story – Matias Ndini Expo

“Back story” was titled the exhibition that Matias Ndini, a new art and photography enthusiast, held this Friday. It was a thrilling experience, to see how his artistic soul was involved that much in some pictures as minimalist as sophisticated. Here are some moments from the expo day (that we enjoyed of course in the company of a young band, photographers all around, and a lot of good vibes) and even the photos that Matias has done with the description of each other below.

A captain in a white and blue city.
A great ship Capitan dies along with his ship. But this is not the story at hand.
Life came and went for this Capitan of outdated ideals of sea and ocean. Although he is alive, a part of him died years ago with his ship.
Ex. Ship Captain of Mykonos Town.
Mykonos / Greece
(homeless category)
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Perspective on both ways.
Dogs are a man’s best friends. This middle aged man may possibly the best description of this phrase.
Playing the saxophone in Mykonos during sunset while the dog sings along. He may be  playing for money  and he might be suffering because the lack of it but I see a man doing what he does best with his friend in one of the best cities in Greece. Comprehend my thought.
Saxophone musician playing in Mykonos with his dog friend.
Mykonos / Greece
(Street artist category)

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Grey part of a colorful city. 
A rude character in a soft and peaceful place can attract attention. There is no history behind this woman that I know but I can speak on and on about her.
Moody old woman in Patmos.
Patmos / Greece
(homeless category)

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Popping art
Corn popping in shapes. You won’t understand this statement unless you hear about this Greek corn maker. Popcorn and corn making turns into art when cheese takes place. This corn artist makes eatable animal shaped corn, sticking the little corns with cheese.
Corn artist In Leukada.
Leukada / Greece
(Street artist category)

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Life based on tears.
Trying to hide the sad reality that we live in. I wanted to speak to him but I could speak over the crying. This man was eating his misery with tears.
Eating food in a park in Tirana.
Tirana / Albania
(homeless category)

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Juggling with ideas and success
I want to please the everyday audience with my talent while I juggle in the streets of Tirana. They are the best critics. Great ideals for a young man.
Juggling artist in Tirana
Tirana / Albania
(street artist category)

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Aaaaaaaand Matis Favourite photo was this…
No description needed at all.


Photos from the expo:

Written by Keisli Alia
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