Its that time of the year again.
And this year we see that the old 70’s are back to us in another way that mixes the old school with some modern stuff. But a classy suit and some long coats never go out of style.
Here are so examples for this autumn from the most stylish streetstyler spotted around city.

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And its not all about black and white traditional style or coats, we dare to wear even colors.
Yeah, that will make you more attractable and nice to be seen from the street viewers eyes…here’s some stuff u may use.

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Written by Jurgen Cellima
Jurgen a hairdresser from Tirana with a love for coffee, fashion and Art in general.I had this kind of obsession to always look good and classy in my own way, trust me i do that very well and makes me feel better everyday I try to. And yeah you might have get it that I'm an Old School type.