Albanians in fashion: Designers from newcomers to experienced

We have previously talked about the international famous fashion designer but what about talking for Albanian Fashion Designers in the fashion industry. Fashion has always been tough to everyone and creating something pleasurable for the eye of the critics and the major public is the challenge for our designers. Albanians have always had some interesting individual elements spread through all the world who possessed unique talents. That is why I choose to write this article as tribute to them, newcomers or beginners to those with a lot of influence!

  • First designer we will talk about is a newcomer and has a unique style of drawing. He is Armand Mehidri and you can find his work on facebook and instagram as Fashion Illustrations by Armand Mehidri.

This piece is entitled Pink sensation. Sugar is never enough and this pink is giving me all the pink glam that a girl who is going to prom needs to have.

This black gown with red symbols engraved on it gave me life. It is utterly stunning and I would love to see it on a runway as something that will be jaw-breaking.

  • Second designer we will talk about is a talented young architect with a passion for design and his works are completely unknown yet. That’s why sashay down will spoil them from you. His name is Donald Kamberaj and these are some of his best pieces exclusively for our blog.

A night gown full of sensuality. That is the look that a diva should have on the red carpet. A must!

A simple elegant invisible see through gown with a delicate piece of mermaid tail is a glamorous dress to be wore in an elegant five star evening.

Personally this one is my favorite because I love futuristic looks and this one is giving me all the space glam I need to call myself a nerd. I would look forward to see this on icy runaway.

  • Third designer I choose to talk about is Ermelinda Manos. Manos honed her skills in the fashion industry by gaining experience in a variety of areas from working as a dresser to a fashion stylist on runways shows for Armani Prive, Chanel Resort, Teen Vogue, Macy’s Passport, Nordstrom’s, Miss Universe as well as multiple campaign ads, national commercials and film. Born Albanian raised in Athens and now living in L.A. Ermelinda has some very interesting looks to show the world.

Petite little dresses are one of my favorite sketches from Ermelinda.

She is working now internationally and selling her brand. Let’s take a glimpse into her work.

Mermaid glam!

Red bombshell edition.

  • Fourth designer we want to talk about is Bela Maci. I have meet her personally in a TedxTirana event where she was invited to show her handcrafting abilities. She has always created everything handmade in a very peculiar alternative way. Let’s take a glimpse on this designer artwork.

Alternative shaped necklace piece.

Glamorous futuristic piece.

Look at the details of this headpiece. This leaves me speechless!

And I believe that she has the talent to make everything handmade. This coat looks wonderful for the autumn winter period.

  • Another stylist and designer that we want to talk about is Enada At’Nikolla. She is the fifth designer of this list and with her grace and experience she owns an atelier of fashion that is always favorite by a lot of our tv show stars. Let’s take a glimpse at Enada work.

Elegant, love the beige colors that it brings to the eye with small pearl dots.

Now let’s take a look to this gothic dark blue that is perfect for this cold winter!

Nina always wear it well and Enada work is contemporary and suitable for the Albanian market.

  • Sixth and last designer is our cherry on the pie Valdrin Sahiti. He is experienced, his work are well known and he is an all stars favorite. He is with an eye on the past and with a step on the future to create something that will always leave us gagging. Enjoy his artwork and go find him in every social media.

This piece is entitled “Confidence

Rhinestones for days baby!

And what about the Christmas Spirit ? Here we go!

Last one from Valdrin and it looks alienesque ! Love the details !


So that was all folks! I hope you enjoyed the Albanian creations fashion trip

Written by Bruno Ferra
Bruno. Art-lover critic journalist, fashion victim, financial researcher and perfection addicted. Actually working as a market analyst at Union Bank, always wearing a couture standard for clothes. My passions include reading, watching movies, travelling around the world, photography, make-up artistry and going in theater or opera. Favorite music is jazz, blues and classical rock. Animal lover and proudly owned by a bipolar black cat named Miko.