The aesthetic of beauty – a journey

The nature of beauty is one of the most enduring and controversial themes in Western philosophy, and is—with the nature of art—one of the two fundamental issues in philosophical aesthetics. Beauty has traditionally been counted among the ultimate values, with goodness, truth, and justice. Personally I was always fascinated by the idea of beauty in everything, and one of the most interesting parts was human beauty. By the beginning of the twentieth century, beauty was in decline as a subject of philosophical inquiry, and also as a primary goal of the arts.
So after reading the concept of beauty of varies philosophers I came in the part that what we percept as beautiful changes from time to time and it changes from the perspectives of males and females. So in this article I will share my perception of beauty in the female world with some historical details about beauty perception.
The study of beauty was revived in a modern approach in 1928 when American mathematician

George David Birkhoff presented his often cited equation:
value = amount of order divided by the complexity of the product

Here we can see the sketches of Leonardo about the study of facial symmetry and beauty.

Baumgarten started looking into the prerequisites of perceiving works of art. He wanted to ascertain why man experiences beauty and appreciates works of art. He was thus doing psychological research of art. Baumgarten borrowed the name “aesthetics” from the Greek “aisthetikos“, “related to perception“.
Latter in the modern period of the psychological development a branch of psychology was developed and that was the psychology of perception. This branch studies how we perceive beauty and how we get intrigued by this topic.
In classical times beauty was perceived as a godly thing or something that mythical being possessed like muses and nymphs. What is the best example of beauty from their time we can take: Helen of Troy who was prettier than Aphrodite the goddess of beauty?

What we see here is a pale skin which in times was considered a rare attribute (since the masses was working in the sun and the pale skin was the perception of loyalty). We also see the details of red hair, which was unique for the Greek period. We are also talking here for one of the most important human beings in history since her name is also referred as an historical period. She was the beauty goal that a nation indentified himself.

Here we see an statue of a muse and the perception of beauty standard: curly hair, medium facial structures, and elegance.

Parallel in these periods one of the figures that fascinated me is the Egyptian Hatshepsut, Nefertiti. Everyone says that they were amazed by the beauty of Cleopatra, but out of all Nefertiti always impressed my senses for the beauty standard of Egyptian people.

Laid back almond shaped eyes, full lips and very symmetrical eyebrows. She was what we call in today perfect beauty. From my cognitive perception I’m endured to find this a perfect face. Although she might have not looked like this, since this is a sculpture I always am fond to believe she was one of the most beautiful woman in history.
Right now I want to skip a good part of the classical grotesque or renaissance beauty standards because what was perceived as beautiful that time is not even near my perceptions.
Right now I want to present my list of female characters that defined beauty through imperfections, through very rebellious faces for the period standards and left marks on time and in the beauty industry for their secrets.
One of the fastest names to pop up on my mind when I started to write is Monica Belluci the Italian actress/model that for over 50 years “dominated” the world of beauty.

Here we have a young Monica, student years probably and look at the beauty she posses without a glimpse of makeup.

But she was never recognized by the community of beauty philosophers and mathematicians as a symmetrical beauty. In fact she scored lower than most of the famous actresses of her time or right now, but still her beauty always comes up to my mind when I thought of a symbol of femininity, female strength and fatality.

And how we can forget her wonderful tragic-empowering Malena?

Honorable mention: Coco Chanel

She defined her standard of beauty for her time and she showed us all what to be a step ahead of your time means. If a color fits your face never betray it was her beauty mark and tip we want to suggest to all of our followers.

When it comes to beauty Audrey slayed the competition game many times. With a petite face Audrey Hepburn defined beauty and class in cinematography.

She was one of the first women in her period that broke the taboo of thin eyebrows and challenged a light make-up technique that always looked on point.

On the other hand I want to present you one of the most beautiful Asian actresses that always left me speechless with the freshness and youth of her face. Her name is Zhang Ziyi and you probably remember her by the famous role of the geisha in Memoirs of a Geisha.

With a very natural touch, smooth features she looks very symmetrical for the standard beauty, but still she has that captivating mixture that makes her unique.

Another cinematic beauty for the series of most beautiful faces in the world should absolutely be Juliette Binoche. The French actress stood out for her amazing acting and her career has seen only ups in the cinematic world.

Remarkably remembered for her role as the nurse on the movie The English Patient she won our hearts many times in other movies with her elegance and French looks.

Now I want to go back in time to conclude my list of the most beautiful faces from my perception as a beauty admirer with the magnificent Ava Gardner.

Everybody with a sense for old vintage movies share the opinion that Ava might have been one of the most beautiful females that ever existed. Even Dita von Tease admitted the true admiration for Ava and her style.

Ava was the original concept for pin up girls, and her style is still inspiring thousand of girls even today.

Honorable Mentions: Oscar Winner Marion Cotillard

Eva Green – French actress

Linda Evangelista – Supermodel

Isabelle Adjani – French actress

Elizabeth Taylor – Actress

Dita Von Teese – Burlesque Actress

Naomi Cambell – Supermodel

And yes this is how I want to end this list with a Black Panther beauty. I would recommend to all our followers to check out their beauty tips on internet, to check out more about the science of beauty. Also to mention that in this list most of the women that were included are great actresses and so go and check out their movies. You will be pleased!

Written by Bruno Ferra
Bruno. Art-lover critic journalist, fashion victim, financial researcher and perfection addicted. Actually working as a market analyst at Union Bank, always wearing a couture standard for clothes. My passions include reading, watching movies, travelling around the world, photography, make-up artistry and going in theater or opera. Favorite music is jazz, blues and classical rock. Animal lover and proudly owned by a bipolar black cat named Miko.