A cruise to remember.

A lot of people love traveling and visiting new places, because they are curious about a new culture, different food traditions, religion and a lot of other stuff.

The place that I am going to talk about is desired by a lot of people, SANTORINI.

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Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean sea and is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island, and created the current geological caldera. 3 4 5 6

I have to say that the greek history is magnificent. I was curious the island’s history and let me say that the answer was not disappointing. In some ancient myths, the destruction of the island is closely associated to the legend of Atlantis. According to history, Phoenicians settled on ancient Thera around 1,300 BC and stayed for five generations. Then, around 1100 BC, the island was occupied by the Lacedaemonian. Around 825 BC, the inhabitants of the island, then named Thera, were using the Phoenician alphabet. In the 7th and 6th centuries BC, Thera had commercial and trade relations with most of the islands and cities of Greece. During the Hellenistic Period, Thera, because of its central position in the Aegean, became an important trade centre and a important naval base, due to its strategically perfect position.


As like any tourist what it was impressed by were the characteristic houses and the distictive white and blue colors of them, and the combination of the beautiful purple flower. They were astonishing.

The area of Oia hosts around 70 churches,large number of churches in such in such a small religion. Another thing that you could see were the Santirini mules. Those were very big and you could take a ride on them to see the Oia’s streets which was a very differend experience that I had never done before.

I know that the point of this island is to go on the top of that mountain, but the goal was the sightseeing. The quote that could be used for this would be “ Life is a climb, but the view is great.” What can a say, it’s catchy.

Another point were te greek shops. As a girl I could not resist, and I got a lot of souvenirs, because everyone want to take a piece of them.

I can not tell how grateful I am to travel with the person I love. He is everything, my love, my personal photographer, ‘my partner in crime’ … Free food and free photos.
Im blessed.

I wanted to start the travel section with Santorini, because I am sure that this is in everyones bucked list.


This was what I got for this first edition. There is more to come, because the cruise is not over yet.

Until next time…

Lots of love.

We wish you the best.

Rea& Matias.

Written by Rea Cikali
From Albania, I am a travel reporter who loves to explore new places, take pictures and to capture the moment. And it's a beautiful thing that my boyfriend is also my photographer...Free food and free photos. I'm blessed🐻