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Drilon, Pogradec

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Today in travel we will talk about a beautiful city, Pogradec. Situated on the shores of one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes, the Ohrid Lake.

It is a very lovely place with lots of tradition, beautiful scenery and delicious food.

We will introduce a small part of  Pogradec called Drilon. There is a small river which streams in Ohrid lake.

It is located 4 km from Pogradec with an incomparable view. The place is rich in greenery and has a variety of animals. It used to be  King Zog favorite place to spend his holidays and also Enver Hoxha (the leader of  Albania for 41 years) liked to spend his holidays there. You can also go and visit his house there, which has turned into a hotel and restaurant, like a small museum.

The summer house of Enver Hoxha.

Through the year it is all green, and in winter time it is all white.

Drilon in winter time.

There are small boats where you can sail around  Drilon and enjoy the view. The river you can find swans, full of charm, ducks, turtles, frogs and a lot of  fish.

There is a bridge which connects one shore to the other, it is like a small island where you can find a restaurant and a bar. You can enjoy the nature while drinking a coffee or while having a delicious meal.

Characteristic fish of  Pogradec is Belushka. You can find this kind of fish only in Ohrid lake. There are also other kinds like Koran and Trout.


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Photography: Matias Bogdani Ndini

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Written by Matias Ndini
Albanian professional Photographer. The camera might capture a moment, but until it has captured a soul there is no photography.