7 Steps To Designing Your Dream Closet

When it comes to having your dream closet, it can be a daunting task — especially if you’re trying to reinvent your existing one. Here are some quick steps on how to revamp your closet space and create your DREAM closet, whether you’re moving or preparing for a season change.

1. Take Inventory. It’s important to get rid of what you don’t wear anymore. I try to refresh my closet every few months and donate clothes or consign them locally. It helps simplify your closet. The rule I live by is if something new comes in, something old goes out.

2. Maximize Your Space. There are tons of ways to install rods, cabinets and hooks to help make the best use out of your space, like in this closet from Traditional Home. Make sure to always have at least two rows of rods for hanging clothes and always keep a smaller section with one rod for longer dresses and coats.

3. Use the Right Lighting. Lighting is everything. Make sure to get rid of or replace any fluorescent lighting with an updated fixture or recess lighting. Under cabinet lighting can also be really nice to give it an updated look.


4. Add Personal Touches. Add your own touch with personal items, like in this closet featured on Who What Wear, by displaying flowers, photos, heirlooms or artwork.

5. Use Mirrors. Mirrors always give an illusion for a bigger space. You also can’t get dressed without having a full head-to-toe glance of what you’re wearing.


6. Separate Accessories. Use pull out drawers to display your jewelry or other accessories like sunglasses. I also love using shelves to display handbags and shoes, like this closet featured on Who What Wear.

7. Use Color. Create a pop of color with a bright accent chair, like this ottoman addition from Stuart Silk Architects, or make your own accent wall with paint or wall paper.


Written by Keisli Alia
Founder of Sashay Down and Sashay Down’s crew. Lawyer and economist, attracted to business world, innovation and fashion. Immensely in love with the fashion industry, with its hues and undertones, with my style and the simplicity of choosing the right clothes at the right place. If it is beautiful or interesting, I want to experiment, see, wear it, feel it and write about. “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Coco Chanel”