5 things Men should NEVER wear on a date.

We always want to look good when we have a date or meeting someone for the first time. So we have to decide what to wear and directly go and wear our best clothes. Almost everybody does that, but today we gonna talk about what YOU SHOULDN’T WEAR on your first date.Dating is hard, especially the first few dates. It is true that your potential partner should love you for the kind of person you are and not just your looks. Initially the impression you create is what is important. Women find guys who dress well, groom well and are well mannered to be more desirable. Therefore it is essential you create the right kind of first impression.
Here are a few things that you should avoid wearing on a date, irrespective of what you have planned. You need to avoid these whether it is a dinner date, a movie date, a romantic date or just to drink something.


Wearing a baseball hat on a date sends off the wrong signal. It shows that you don’t give a dam about this date, that you don’t care enough to spend time in dressing up for your lady.


Very few men can pull off this look. Unless this is what you really are and not just following some trend or blindly aping a celebrity look, do not sport them.


Bow tie. Now this is a real trickster. It is back in fashion but still should be avoided on the first date.


This is a real geeky look. Few women find this cute, so unless you know your lady well, sporting this is risk.


Grabs too much attention and that too the negative king. I personally feel it looks gaudy you may not be able to pull it off. It requires real confidence and also a working knowledge of style.

Out and about at Milan Men’s Spring 2017 Fashion Week.

Written by Jurgen Cellima
Jurgen a hairdresser from Tirana with a love for coffee, fashion and Art in general.I had this kind of obsession to always look good and classy in my own way, trust me i do that very well and makes me feel better everyday I try to. And yeah you might have get it that I'm an Old School type.