3 musketeers and d’Artagnan in the streets of Prizren city


Together with good friends deciding to travel in Kosovo? Prizren is one of the best places to go.

We wanted to take a good vacation in Prizren. Not very far from Tirana, but also a beautiful city.

As soon as we arrived, we couldn’t stay without noticing the beautiful view and the characteristic houses, and as a photographer I couldn’t stay without taking pictures.

All the houses combining with cobbled streets in their best way. Even the street artist where very interesting. There where paintings of different views and portraits of the people. The handmade tradition is also here. There were people who created necklace of you name or if you wanted to make a gift for your loved ones.

A source of water in the middle of the city, was the place where everyone could drink fresh water if anyone was thirsty.

Even thought it is winter time, it was not snowing as it usually does, but we could see around, like in the trees, there was frost, creating a wonderful view.  The festive spirit was everywhere.

There was a big beautiful Christmas tree, with lights all over the place.

BUT, the most interesting thing was an imitation of  ‘Pont des Arts’ ,the bridge in Paris where people put locks on the sides of the bridge. Something very special for a small city like Prizren called ‘Blue bridge of love’.

We are very thankful to Bimbashi restaurant and Fellas bar, for their delicious food and friendly people.


Photography:Matias Bogdani Ndini






Written by Matias Ndini
Albanian professional Photographer. The camera might capture a moment, but until it has captured a soul there is no photography.