10 best holiday movies to make you feel all warm and cozy

Bundle up and grab a hot cup of cocoa, because winter is officially on its way. It’s the season of crisp air, baked goods, and staying inside. However, it’s also the season of colds, a chill in your bones, and a whole lot of socializing.
Between kisses in the snow, heartwarming family moments, and perfectly matched coats and hats, these winter movies can make even the gloomiest nights of winter bearable. Here are some of our favorites.

1) The Holiday’

This romantic comedy has Cameron Diaz trading her Los Angeles mansion for Kate Winslet’s charming England cottage so that each can take a December vacation from their various, standard rom-com problems. Of course each meets a guy, Jude Law for Diaz and surprisingly, Jack Back for Winslet (trust me, it works), and adorableness ensues. It’s also not hard to guess which girl gets the better winter scenes, but for all of its predictability The Holiday is the perfect heartwarming winter movie for nights too cold to leave your couch.

2) ‘Serendipity’

No one will ever look as perfect while ice skating as John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale in Serendipity. It’s hopelessly romantic and takes place in a New York where snow falls at exactly the right moment and you can meet your soulmate while shopping for gloves at Bloomingdale’s. It even manages to make you want frozen hot chocolate in the winter, which is basically the complete opposite of what you should want to drink.

3) ‘Love actually’


Nine intertwined stories examine the complexities of the one emotion that connects us all: love. Among the characters explored are David (Hugh Grant), the handsome newly elected British prime minister who falls for a young junior staffer (Martine McCutcheon), Sarah (Laura Linney), a graphic designer whose devotion to her mentally ill brother complicates her love life, and Harry (Alan Rickman), a married man tempted by his attractive new secretary.

4) ‘Home alone’

Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) has become the man of the house, overnight! Accidentally left behind when his family rushes off on a Christmas vacation, Kevin gets busy decorating the house for the holidays. But he’s not decking the halls with tinsel and
holly. Two bumbling burglars are trying to break in, and Kevin’s rigging a bewildering battery of booby traps to welcome them! What can I say, the perfect movie to watch during holidays.

5) The ‘Harry Potter’ Series

There’s a reason why ABC Family doubles up on its Harry Potter weekends in the winter—Hogwarts is even more amazing in the snow. It’s an actual castle filled with cozy fireplaces and floating candles where scarves are used to show school spirit and magic lets snow fall indoors, where could winter be better? Harry had such happy memories of snowy days in Hogsmeade with Ron and Hermione that he used them to fight off Voldemort. It can’t get more warm and fuzzy than that.

6) ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’

Just look at that pic and try to not to wish for a snow storm. The Brits just know how to make winter appealing and put their all into Bridget Jones’s Diary. Even if you hate Renée Zellweger you’ll love Bridget Jones, and you already love Colin Firth, obviously.

7) ‘Merry Kissmas’


Getting stuck in an elevator for the holidays doesn’t sound all that romantic. However, it could be just the whirlwind adventure, one woman needs to help determine her true love.

8) ‘The family man’


Jack’s lavish, fast-paced lifestyle changes one Christmas night when he stumbles into a grocery store holdup and disarms the gunman. The next morning he wakes up in bed lying next to Kate (Tea Leoni), his college sweetheart he left in order to pursue his career, and to the horrifying discovery that his former life no longer exists.

9) ‘Miracle on 34th Street’


When Kris Kringle spies the Cole’s Department Store Santa Claus drinking heavily before his appearance in the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, he’s outraged. With moments to spare, the store chooses Kris to stand in for Saint Nick, and he becomes an overnight sensation. That is, until he begins to claim he’s actually Santa Claus.

10) ‘Just Friends’

When a once-overweight man (Ryan Reynolds) returns to his hometown for Christmas thin and full of newfound confidence, he tries to woo his lifelong crush. Amy Smart and Anna Faris also star in this holiday-themed rom-com.

Written by Megi Dibra
Or you can call me The Blondie... That's because I’m a 21 year old blonde girl with a massive passion and love for fashion, beauty and everything that has to do with it. When I’m not catching up the latest high-fashion news, i enjoy shopping and traveling around the world. Also an animal lover Xoxo